Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Birthday Boy

Today my sweet little baby turns 7. How time does fly!

I remember the day perfectly. He wasn't born until night time. 7 years ago today I spent the entire day in labor. I woke up at 6:30 am and was clearly in labor. I called my midwife and told her that today was the day and that she should get to my house soon.

Yep thats right folks, I had my youngest at home with a midwife. I was home in my own bed relaxing. I even slept through transition and woke up when he was ready to be born. I had no drug interventions, no IV, nothing but my family supporting me. My parents and sister came and stayed at the house until he was born.

My youngest is my sweetest child. He has a big heart and is always concerned about others around him. He is content in this life to just do what he wants. He loves music and he has taught himself to play instruments on sound alone. He is quiet amazing!

For some reason it is his birth that makes me feel old. I know I am not old, I am only in my mid 30s but man o man do I feel old. I am blessed to be this little ones mom. I look forward to what the rest of his life will bring.

Now off to bake a cake for the little man. He wants vanilla cake with chocolate frosting... So I shall go and create something that tastes devine... not sure how "pretty" it will be though. Cake decorating is NOT my strong suit.


  1. Happy birthday to your baby! What an amazing boy. That's awesome you went natural--I am too wimpy!

  2. Happy Birthday Wee Fella.

    Oh, and Crystal, it's the cake *taste* that's important, not its looks.... at least that's what I tell myself, cos I can't really decorate either!

  3. Janae, natural was blissful for me. I loved getting to be in my own home, in my bed relaxed and comfortable. I went natural with all except the oldest one and her birth was the reason that I chose natural for each birth after hers. I had a whole lot of complex complications that could have been avoided.

    Anne~ I sure hope its the taste because I can not make any cake look pretty unless it is that German Chocolate cake. :)

    We had a good birthday and I am glad that its over. Now the next birthday is 3 months away... and it will be my oldest. The bookworm turns 17 in October!

  4. Happy (belated) birthday to your little man! I am sure it was a special day!

  5. Hi Crystal -- my mother believed that the MOMS should get the presents on birthdays!
    Happy Birthday to your "baby," who no matter how old he gets will always have that title!

    I did all-natural with my babies, too, but in a hospital --- i was in my mid-30s, so didn't want to take any chances!

    As for that house you dream about, that you posted in the one before this -- be patient! It took me 30 years of living in 6 other places before we found and bought the old house we have now, and it was all worth it!

    Every morning, I am amazed anew that I have this wonderful treasure in my stewardship.

    Yours will come too! But as my Mom also used to say, You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find the Prince!

  6. Cass~
    Thank you for the encouragement. :) I know that the house I dream of will come to me. I just hate waiting. I am much better at it now then I ever was, it doesn't mean I like it.
    Im with your mom! Mom's should get the presents. we did all the labor. :) I had my other 3 in the hospital, my baby was the only one who got to be born at home. I was a mere 29 years old. :)