Monday, August 1, 2011

Treasure Hunt, Finds!

I accomplished several goals for the weekend.

We had some fun.

We found some treasures.

Not all the treasures on my list; and not all were found where I thought I would find them, but they were found none the less.

I found a 3 piece sectional couch for 65.00 on Craigslist. Man I love Craigslist. You have to be careful but I do love the ability to find things I need and pay less for them then I thought I would have to.

Here is the sectional...

I am not a fan of the two different fabrics and the two different colors, but those are simple fixes and the couch itself is in fantastic condition. Especially for 65.00! I can get fabric I like and recover the couch and make it more my personality.

I found this fantastic creamer...

This retro sugar dispenser...

and this Wonderful punch bowl...

The bowl came with 8 cups and the ladle for .... 1.50! Yes that's right I paid 1 dollar and 50 cents for a punch bowl, 8 cups and a ladle!

It also has a slight chip in the bowl...

I paid 50 cents for the creamer and 75 cents for the sugar dispenser. 

I also got the Spitfire this adorable hat for .50 cents.

I also found a copy of ghostbusters and some curtain rods I needed. Total I spent 5.00 for all the lovely treasures I found. Total spent for the weekend for lovely treasures 70.00 I think that I made out really well.

Having fun watching movies piled on the new couch... PRICELESS!

Having fun with my family while hunting for treasures, even more Priceless!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! 


  1. Awesome treasure hunting!! What fabulous finds. Enjoy them all!!

  2. Thank you! So far the couch has been a big hit! We have all piled on there to enjoy movies and relax. I am not really sure when I will use the punch bowl but I love it. The sugar dispenser will be used by my husband the most often, as will the creamer.

  3. $1.50 is just ridiculous! That is an amazing find. About the only time I ever use my punch bowl is for baby showers and Christmas punch, but it's one of those things that is nice to have around. I like the couch. Can't beat the price.

  4. :) I am so happy with the couch it has turned into a lovely place for my family and I to sit and watch movies in this heat.