Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekly Organic Learning report

Ahh its been a while since we had a weekly report so I thought I would toss one out there this morning.

Moving is always an adventure in learning. You learn what you are made of, either you can't handle doing it all or you are the kind of person who doesn't stop until its all done.

My kids are all in the second category. They are awesome. Even The Spitfire and The Cuddlebug pitched in and packed loads of boxes and brought them to the truck!

As for learning well We have been watching a show on netflix called The Colony. This show was done with test subjects where they were all from different walks of life and the senerio is that there has been catastrophic disaster. These people have had to come together to build a safe place to stay. They have shown us how to build a battery bank and how to recharge it with solar power so far. Its pretty cool and we all have enjoyed it.

We are also building our own bench seats for the kitchen. This has been great for teaching the kids some very practical math skills as well as how to recycle wood used for other projects previously.

We are getting ready to craft some stuff for Christmas gifts as well as Christmas cards for our beloved friends back in California. It is a lovely time of year to be settling into a routine and having our family be together again. The move from Virginia to North Carolina was costly but has been well worth it in family time. We are enjoying the family dinners together again and having quality time with Dad. It is nice to have the ability to spend little moments together everyday.

The routine is slowly forming and I am sure that in the coming weeks our Organic learning will develop into a much richer format soon.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Trying to unpack with a cold

Well what happens when you stress yourself out moving quickly and have sick kids the week before you move?

Why you get sick of course!

I came down with a real dozy. I got exactly two rooms unpacked before I woke up with a throbbing ear ache and pounding headache. The cough has settled in my chest and the headache is finally gone. I am still working on getting better but at least the headache is gone.

The house is lovely! We want to paint the walls, I doubt it will get done before Thanksgiving but perhaps before Christmas... or maybe not.

I hope to have pictures up this weekend. I have to get batteries for my daughters point and shoot camera before I can get any pictures put up here on the blog. I am enjoying the beautiful quiet neighborhood I now live in. We are close to a major city (15 minutes by car) yet in the country. There are trees and fields all around us. I can not wait to be healthy so the kids and I can go for a bike ride to the library.

I hope to be able to post pictures soon and get back to blogging on a more regular basis. Now I must go and rest more.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy 236th Birthday Marine Corps

I had wanted to post a lovely post like I did last year with some more facts about the Corps but being in the midst of boxes and not having a ton of time to sit down and compose such a thing I am just going to share the blog from last year again. 

I do hope you all don't mind. 

Happy 236th Birthday Marine Corps. To my husband I love you and will always be the supporting force behind your Marine Corps Career. 

Message from the Commandant

Last years blog post semper-fidelis

And just because its the most "motto" song my whole family loves:

Semper Fi