Tuesday, January 25, 2011

amazing news

I have amazing news. News that changes our family and moves us on into the great world of being employed again.

Homeschooling adventures are sure to continue in ways we never dreamed possible.

Sadly I can not share details of this news but I just had to say that good things are coming and I am relieved.

Monday, January 17, 2011

a vacation day?

That seems to be the only lesson that public school children have learned from today. Its a day off. A holiday.

It seems to be such a shame to me that these children are not learning the truth behind the man that is celebrated today. They are not learning about the fact that he did more then one speach. He was involved in more movements then just this one he is known for.

Not to belittle this one speech:

Its just not the only one he made. I wouldn't even agree that it was the most important one.

Here is the last public speech Dr Martin Luther King Jr Made

He made that speech one day before his assassination. He was working with Ceasar Chavez and the UFW and speaking out on the war in Vietnam. He was not against the men & women who were fighting that war but on the principles of why we were in that war. He saw that most of the people in that war were young, poor prominently black, mexican, asian and the few whites were often ones who were also from poor families. No of course I am not saying that ALL of the Vietnam Vets were from this situation, just a high number of them.

Dr King did more for the civil rights movement and was killed because of all he did. On his birthday we should all do more then enjoy the day off. Many people do not know that Dr King was preparing to march with the UFW to Washington. The march was set to take place only a few days after he was killed. Dr king believed that the bigotry and ignorance was the worst part of this country. Sadly In my opinion we have not come so very far. I see ignorance, bigotry and hate everywhere. It comes from all sides and is perpetuated on all ethnicities even by their own race. I do not have the answers as to what it will take for all the Dr.s Dreams to come true, but I know that they start at home, raising our children. We must start to have compassion for all the people in this world no matter what race, creed or color. We must stop judging others by our own beliefs and we must teach our children that our believes are important to us but that not everyone chooses to live the way we do, that is where compassion comes in. If we treat others with compassion even when their beliefs differ from ours there is less room for fear and hate and more room for love and understanding.

I am from a mixed heritage and sadly did not learn a lot of this growing up. It was only after I became a mom, and started homeschooling that any of this became known to me.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Images of the Sutter Buttes

In the new year I am really striving to see the beauty in all things that surround me. I struggle with this area the most when I look at the town I live in. One should not despise the town they live in, but in all honesty I do. There are many reasons for this great disdain but since I am looking for the beauty I will forgo mentioning the disparity that this area gives me and shed some light on the interesting beauty I have found.

The Worlds Smallest Mountain Range.

Thats right I said THE WORLD's smallest mountain range. ...

Don't think I am kidding about this. If you go to google and type in The worlds smallest mountain range you will find it clearly states "The Sutter Buttes".

There is a bit of info on Wikipedia you can view here.

I find it fascinating that it is the worlds smallest complete range, nowhere else in the world can that be claimed.
much of the area is owned privately as farms, a small portion is owned by the county and is available for tours (at a rather hefty price of 35.00+ per person no matter the age) for more information on that you can contact The Middle Mountain Foundation.

Now onto some images I have taken over the past years of these Buttes.

Sutter Buttes spring of 2010

Sutter Buttes while driving south on Hwy 99

Happy Cows~ grazing in the Buttes
This one wanted to know what I was doing interrupting dinner
View from the Buttes as the sun sets
Crazy big tree up towards the top of the Buttes
The sun is setting, and the fog is rolling in

The last picture is the one I love the best. I took this shot on my birthday. As the sun went down over the west coast, the fog started to roll into the valley and I captured this shot. I love the colors in the sky against the inky black of the Buttes and the purple hue of the far off mountains to the west of us. They look close but they really are not that close. I have always loved sunsets, probably one of the few things that I still love about California. Thank goodness the governor can not tax our sunsets!

I hope that you enjoyed the view of the Sutter Buttes. They are a rare treat to behold. If you are so inclined once a year the area does a "bike around the Buttes" Learn more about it here. Thanks for taking a look with me at one of the rare beauties in my world.

3 years ago

My dearest friend ever lost the most precious gift ever. She is more then a friend. I consider her a sister. someone who has lived with me. Words can never explain the feeling of the loss. I have attempted to start this blog no less then 6 times today.

I would like to share a little about Christopher

Christopher had a fantastic smile, he looked like an angel here on earth with his bright blonde hair and precious smile.

Christopher had a laugh that was contagious, If he laughed you could do nothing but laugh with him.

Christopher put a smile in my sisters heart that has been gone now for 3 long years.

Christopher was killed by an accident that could happen to any number of us parents. It was so quick. just a blink of an eye and he was gone.

You see one day Christopher was outside playing with his grandpa when he dashed out into the street. Christopher was struck by a truck and killed. He died at the hospital from his injuries. It happened so fast that the truck even though he was only doing the speed limit of 35 mph he could not stop to avoid hitting him.

I would like to remind everyone to hug their kids and be grateful for each and everyday. You simply never know when that day could be the last.

I would also like to remind everyone to slow down and pay attention when driving in a residential area. you just never know when that kid might dash into the street and you will be the one that can't stop. stay alert!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Product Review

I don't do these often but once in a while when a product comes into your life that makes it so much better you just have to share!

When we moved a few months ago I got rid of the little griddle I had. it worked fine but it simply was to small for my large family. I could only do 2 pancakes at a time unless I made those tiny bite size pancakes, and then really whats the point? Then i was in one of those box stores I DREAD... and saw this giant griddle. I immediately got what I refer to as pancake envy. I thought O MY Goodness! I could make at least 6 pancakes at once on THAT!!!

My Marine saw the lust in my eye and heard the thrill in my voice! He knows I despise pancakes personally but my family LOVES my pancakes, My Marine especially. So being that he loves me and loves my cooking he just had to get me the griddle of my dreams.

This thing is so large that I could make 9 grilled cheese sandwiches at once!
I could make 6 large pancakes at once!
I could make a whole pound of bacon at once!

You see where I am going with this don't you?

So last night we had breakfast for dinner. We love breakfast for dinner. It is a favorite around here. I made my infomous Applesauce pancakes, and a turkey sausage egg scramble with potatoes. I took pictures of my griddle with my pancakes cooking and will upload them soon as I can.

For now you will have to ooooohhh and aaaaahhhhh over the stock photo.

Now this picture does not really do it justice. Its just the best I could do at this moment.
So onto the review!

6 large pancakes

see how big it is? it nearly covers the cook top! 

I love the size of this griddle (obviously!)

The heating was fairly even all the way around it, except right in the back near where it plugs in. I noticed that it got hotter right there at that spot and thus making it necessary to flip that pancake first no matter what order I placed them on the griddle.

I love the fact that the outside rim all the way around it stays cool to the touch. This certainly makes it easy to pick up and move over if you dribble some batter on the counter (not that anyone else ever does that besides me).

I have not used the tilt feature yet but it comes with a catch drawer and tilt feature that allows you to fry and drain the fat from the griddle. It sounds good in theory, I will update you on if it works in practice.

I have had several griddles over the years as my family has grown and changed, this one is perhaps my favorite by far.

I give the Presto cool touch Big Griddle a full 5 stars! Its everything you need in a large griddle and then some. Please note that I am not getting any kick backs for this review. I do not know the people who own Presto, they don't know me either! I simply am a mom of four kiddos who love pancakes so much that in days gone by I was a slave in the kitchen for half a day when they asked for pancakes. Now I can whip out a full batch in about 20 minutes. My time is precious to me and I think its important to not have to waste it.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

our world

The earth seems to be having great upheavals lately. Starting at the first of the year there were reports of mass bird deaths. 5000 birds dropped from the sky. Since then the reports have become more frequent. I have heard stories of fireworks being the cause all the way to La Nina being the blame. I can not fathom that these can actually be the cause of massive amounts of wild animal deaths. So far there have been several types of fish, to include jellyfish and star fish, manatee's, birds to include, doves, pelicans, penguins, red winged black birds, and even Bats.

Google maps now has a map showing each location of reports of these mass animal deaths. These reports show the locations and each different report has a different claim as to what caused the deaths. I am bothered by the fact that the officials are attempting to claim such different reasons for the deaths but not one of them is consistent. We really all should step up and start asking questions. Why is this really happening? Why would 5000 birds have brain hemorages all at the same time and drop from the sky dead? Why would thousands of fish  have no apparent injuries just wash up on shore and die?

Here is the link to the google maps mass animal deaths.

I would love to hear some of your thoughts on this. Do you believe what the media is saying? Did you know about this or is this the first you have heard about it? Speak up!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Such a special gift

My daughter the bookworm sat down last night and created the most amazing birthday gift for me in a few hours time. I thought I would share it with you all. 

The color seems a little off and I will take another picture of it to show it in a different light later. She used acrylic paint on canvas and created it out of her own imagination. I will cherish it forever as the best birthday gift I have ever gotten.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Another year older

Today is my birthday! So todays blog is going to be one that I come back and post pictures of. I plan on taking a walk somewhere where there are beautiful things all over the place and take lots of pictures. I know that I am getting a fantastic lunch and that I will be spending my day with people I love. So stay tuned for shots of the world around me on my special day.

Well I forgot my camera when we went in to have our lunch so there will be no pictures of my glorious lunch. My husband took the kids and I too a wonderful Japanese place in town and I ate tempura veggies, rice, salad and tried 3 kinds of sushi. It was wonderful!

We did drive over at sunset though and I got to take some wonderful pictures of the sun setting over the smallest complete mountain range in all the world, The Sutter Buttes.

Happy Cows~ California Happy Cows!
The sun is just going down over the hill. 

The fog rolling in

An owl sitting in the tree at dusk

The fog creeping in, with multi colors from the setting sun

Sunset's reflection.
(now if there were only no power lines in the shot!)

I hope that you all enjoyed the pictures I took today on my birthday! I enjoyed myself today more then I have in a long time. I hope to get out with my friend the camera and try some more shots soon. I have one shot of that owl there that I would like to play with and see if I can clean it up before I post it. perhaps I will do that soon. :)

If your a friend and you have a special memory you would like to share then I would love to hear it. Just post a comment and I will be sure to read it when I come back later with my photos to share. :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I see many people set new years resolutions. I myself have given up this archaic thing myself. I however start each new year with hope and desires for the coming year. Each year is like a clean slate to start over again.

Here is a list of things I hope the new year brings for my family and I.

A Job. -
But not just any job. THE job. The realms know what I mean by this. The job that we have waited 3 long years for. The job that is going to make this long wait worth while. The job that is perfect for our family. The job that provides exactly what we need financially as well as emotionally.

A Home. -
Not just any home but a home that is built on love. A home that we can make our own. A home that we can garden in the yard. A home that we can modify to use less energy and be as green as possible. A home that allows us to grow together as a family.

A Move-
A move that allows us to get the first two wishes. A move that brings the perfect job to us and a move that takes us to a place where we can explore new things. Adventures in a new spot is the best thing I can think of right now.

peace in our family that comes from stability. A solid constant job that allows us to do the things we want to do for fun.

I hope that we can continue our life learning adventures with vigor and promise. I dream for health for each and every member of my family. I long for consistency and in that consistency we can find adventures.

One a last note~ Today is my grandfathers birthday. He has been at his new address in another realm, time and space for 17 years now but not a day passes where I do not think of this as his birthday. SO wherever you are Grandpa Happy Birthday from this girl who thinks of you often, feels your love still and hears your voice in the important times.