Monday, January 17, 2011

a vacation day?

That seems to be the only lesson that public school children have learned from today. Its a day off. A holiday.

It seems to be such a shame to me that these children are not learning the truth behind the man that is celebrated today. They are not learning about the fact that he did more then one speach. He was involved in more movements then just this one he is known for.

Not to belittle this one speech:

Its just not the only one he made. I wouldn't even agree that it was the most important one.

Here is the last public speech Dr Martin Luther King Jr Made

He made that speech one day before his assassination. He was working with Ceasar Chavez and the UFW and speaking out on the war in Vietnam. He was not against the men & women who were fighting that war but on the principles of why we were in that war. He saw that most of the people in that war were young, poor prominently black, mexican, asian and the few whites were often ones who were also from poor families. No of course I am not saying that ALL of the Vietnam Vets were from this situation, just a high number of them.

Dr King did more for the civil rights movement and was killed because of all he did. On his birthday we should all do more then enjoy the day off. Many people do not know that Dr King was preparing to march with the UFW to Washington. The march was set to take place only a few days after he was killed. Dr king believed that the bigotry and ignorance was the worst part of this country. Sadly In my opinion we have not come so very far. I see ignorance, bigotry and hate everywhere. It comes from all sides and is perpetuated on all ethnicities even by their own race. I do not have the answers as to what it will take for all the Dr.s Dreams to come true, but I know that they start at home, raising our children. We must start to have compassion for all the people in this world no matter what race, creed or color. We must stop judging others by our own beliefs and we must teach our children that our believes are important to us but that not everyone chooses to live the way we do, that is where compassion comes in. If we treat others with compassion even when their beliefs differ from ours there is less room for fear and hate and more room for love and understanding.

I am from a mixed heritage and sadly did not learn a lot of this growing up. It was only after I became a mom, and started homeschooling that any of this became known to me.


  1. My kids' schooled friends learn a lot about Dr. Martin Luther King. They study him extensively and there is a lot of emphasis on him and African-Americans in general during Black History Month in February. So, at least around my neck of the woods, even though today is a vacation day, kids are getting educated about him.

  2. Marbel It is good to hear that some schools are teaching some things about such a great man. It is sad to me though that far more are not. Or that the focus is solely during black history month. Why must we have a month known as black history month? Why not a solid education in all history not the one sided view of the anglo american? there are many POV that are ignored in the course of history that make the view taught in school a narrow one. There are many things I did not know until I was an adult and started looking at them myself.