Monday, January 3, 2011

Another year older

Today is my birthday! So todays blog is going to be one that I come back and post pictures of. I plan on taking a walk somewhere where there are beautiful things all over the place and take lots of pictures. I know that I am getting a fantastic lunch and that I will be spending my day with people I love. So stay tuned for shots of the world around me on my special day.

Well I forgot my camera when we went in to have our lunch so there will be no pictures of my glorious lunch. My husband took the kids and I too a wonderful Japanese place in town and I ate tempura veggies, rice, salad and tried 3 kinds of sushi. It was wonderful!

We did drive over at sunset though and I got to take some wonderful pictures of the sun setting over the smallest complete mountain range in all the world, The Sutter Buttes.

Happy Cows~ California Happy Cows!
The sun is just going down over the hill. 

The fog rolling in

An owl sitting in the tree at dusk

The fog creeping in, with multi colors from the setting sun

Sunset's reflection.
(now if there were only no power lines in the shot!)

I hope that you all enjoyed the pictures I took today on my birthday! I enjoyed myself today more then I have in a long time. I hope to get out with my friend the camera and try some more shots soon. I have one shot of that owl there that I would like to play with and see if I can clean it up before I post it. perhaps I will do that soon. :)

If your a friend and you have a special memory you would like to share then I would love to hear it. Just post a comment and I will be sure to read it when I come back later with my photos to share. :)


  1. Crystal, this past year has been a really rough one for you, but no matter what you were dealing with you have always been there for a friend in need. You have given of yourself over and over, even while dealing with all the hardships and lessons you had of your own.
    I am truly honored to call you friend and know that we have many more years, but hopefully with less hardships and lessons on both sides. Much love to you always. Katrina

  2. No amazing memory, wish I did though! But wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I do think you are an amazing person and I hope to have an amazing memory soon!!!


  3. Katrina,
    Thank you for such kind words. I strive very hard to be a good friend and it means a lot to me that others feel that connection.
    I love you too and am so grateful for your friendship, love and support.

    Mary, Thank you for the birthday wishes.

  4. Hope you had a happy birthday! Sorry I'm a day late.