Friday, January 7, 2011

Product Review

I don't do these often but once in a while when a product comes into your life that makes it so much better you just have to share!

When we moved a few months ago I got rid of the little griddle I had. it worked fine but it simply was to small for my large family. I could only do 2 pancakes at a time unless I made those tiny bite size pancakes, and then really whats the point? Then i was in one of those box stores I DREAD... and saw this giant griddle. I immediately got what I refer to as pancake envy. I thought O MY Goodness! I could make at least 6 pancakes at once on THAT!!!

My Marine saw the lust in my eye and heard the thrill in my voice! He knows I despise pancakes personally but my family LOVES my pancakes, My Marine especially. So being that he loves me and loves my cooking he just had to get me the griddle of my dreams.

This thing is so large that I could make 9 grilled cheese sandwiches at once!
I could make 6 large pancakes at once!
I could make a whole pound of bacon at once!

You see where I am going with this don't you?

So last night we had breakfast for dinner. We love breakfast for dinner. It is a favorite around here. I made my infomous Applesauce pancakes, and a turkey sausage egg scramble with potatoes. I took pictures of my griddle with my pancakes cooking and will upload them soon as I can.

For now you will have to ooooohhh and aaaaahhhhh over the stock photo.

Now this picture does not really do it justice. Its just the best I could do at this moment.
So onto the review!

6 large pancakes

see how big it is? it nearly covers the cook top! 

I love the size of this griddle (obviously!)

The heating was fairly even all the way around it, except right in the back near where it plugs in. I noticed that it got hotter right there at that spot and thus making it necessary to flip that pancake first no matter what order I placed them on the griddle.

I love the fact that the outside rim all the way around it stays cool to the touch. This certainly makes it easy to pick up and move over if you dribble some batter on the counter (not that anyone else ever does that besides me).

I have not used the tilt feature yet but it comes with a catch drawer and tilt feature that allows you to fry and drain the fat from the griddle. It sounds good in theory, I will update you on if it works in practice.

I have had several griddles over the years as my family has grown and changed, this one is perhaps my favorite by far.

I give the Presto cool touch Big Griddle a full 5 stars! Its everything you need in a large griddle and then some. Please note that I am not getting any kick backs for this review. I do not know the people who own Presto, they don't know me either! I simply am a mom of four kiddos who love pancakes so much that in days gone by I was a slave in the kitchen for half a day when they asked for pancakes. Now I can whip out a full batch in about 20 minutes. My time is precious to me and I think its important to not have to waste it.

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