Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Images of the Sutter Buttes

In the new year I am really striving to see the beauty in all things that surround me. I struggle with this area the most when I look at the town I live in. One should not despise the town they live in, but in all honesty I do. There are many reasons for this great disdain but since I am looking for the beauty I will forgo mentioning the disparity that this area gives me and shed some light on the interesting beauty I have found.

The Worlds Smallest Mountain Range.

Thats right I said THE WORLD's smallest mountain range. ...

Don't think I am kidding about this. If you go to google and type in The worlds smallest mountain range you will find it clearly states "The Sutter Buttes".

There is a bit of info on Wikipedia you can view here.

I find it fascinating that it is the worlds smallest complete range, nowhere else in the world can that be claimed.
much of the area is owned privately as farms, a small portion is owned by the county and is available for tours (at a rather hefty price of 35.00+ per person no matter the age) for more information on that you can contact The Middle Mountain Foundation.

Now onto some images I have taken over the past years of these Buttes.

Sutter Buttes spring of 2010

Sutter Buttes while driving south on Hwy 99

Happy Cows~ grazing in the Buttes
This one wanted to know what I was doing interrupting dinner
View from the Buttes as the sun sets
Crazy big tree up towards the top of the Buttes
The sun is setting, and the fog is rolling in

The last picture is the one I love the best. I took this shot on my birthday. As the sun went down over the west coast, the fog started to roll into the valley and I captured this shot. I love the colors in the sky against the inky black of the Buttes and the purple hue of the far off mountains to the west of us. They look close but they really are not that close. I have always loved sunsets, probably one of the few things that I still love about California. Thank goodness the governor can not tax our sunsets!

I hope that you enjoyed the view of the Sutter Buttes. They are a rare treat to behold. If you are so inclined once a year the area does a "bike around the Buttes" Learn more about it here. Thanks for taking a look with me at one of the rare beauties in my world.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I love your photos. The cow staring at you in adorable. Even if it is a small mountain range, it's still more than we see around here. My sister lives in Oregon and sees Mt Hood out her kitchen window - I see a flat old corn field.

  2. Thank you Pam. We live in California, there are a lot of cows around here. :) I am not sure I could be thrilled with seeing nothing but corn fields but it might be interesting for a season or two. :)