Thursday, January 6, 2011

our world

The earth seems to be having great upheavals lately. Starting at the first of the year there were reports of mass bird deaths. 5000 birds dropped from the sky. Since then the reports have become more frequent. I have heard stories of fireworks being the cause all the way to La Nina being the blame. I can not fathom that these can actually be the cause of massive amounts of wild animal deaths. So far there have been several types of fish, to include jellyfish and star fish, manatee's, birds to include, doves, pelicans, penguins, red winged black birds, and even Bats.

Google maps now has a map showing each location of reports of these mass animal deaths. These reports show the locations and each different report has a different claim as to what caused the deaths. I am bothered by the fact that the officials are attempting to claim such different reasons for the deaths but not one of them is consistent. We really all should step up and start asking questions. Why is this really happening? Why would 5000 birds have brain hemorages all at the same time and drop from the sky dead? Why would thousands of fish  have no apparent injuries just wash up on shore and die?

Here is the link to the google maps mass animal deaths.

I would love to hear some of your thoughts on this. Do you believe what the media is saying? Did you know about this or is this the first you have heard about it? Speak up!


  1. Yes, I have noticed this in the news, too. Been puzzling over it ever since the bees started disappearing and a bunch of birds died in Austin a couple of years ago. There could be so many causes for things like this. It's a wonder that anything can live on our altered, chemically treated planet. But then there are lots of planets out in the cosmos that couldn't begin to support life (as we know it).

    For myself, I look at these things as signs and portents... sort of like the poor canary in the coal mine. It's time to seek a safer, cleaner location to live, and it's way past time to change the mark we make on the Earth every day as we live our individual lives.

  2. I think that finding a new place to live isn't really the answer. I believe that we must stop what we are doing here. The earth has proven that it can heal but not if we are continuing down the path that got us here to begin with.

    A friend of mine shared this news article with me and I am posting it here and hoping that it sticks around long enough for people to find it.