Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Scarf

I was going to post the pictures of the scarf in the blog from yesterday, but then I decided that it would be easier to just post the pictures here.

The pattern is my own creation and I am going to share it here. It is a simple pattern that I think even a beginner could do.

Here are the photos of the scarf.
 This is taken with just the natural light and you can see the little twist in the material

This is taken with the flash and you can see the actual color of the scarf, it turns out better with the flash. 
This was taken with me holding the scarf up against the blue of the wall. It is more for visual interest.

Crystal's Textured Scarf
J hook
Double Crochet = DC
Modified Crossed Double Crochet = MCDC

Chain 17 and DC in the 3rd chain from hook and across.
chain 2 (I find this makes the sides more even and tight) turn
DC in next 3 stitches, MCDC ( for a MCDC you skip one stitch DC chain one then go behind the DC already made back into the skipped stitch making a crossed stitch) DC in next 3 stitches MCDC, DC in remaining stitches including the top of the chain 2 space at the end. Chain 2 turn and repeat. 
including the first chain you will have a pattern that is 4 DC (chain2 counts as DC) a MCDC, 3 DC, CDC and 4 more DC.
I simply repeat the pattern until it is as long as I want the scarf to be.

I have also made this scarf and added fringe to the bottoms for more detail.  
*note* A traditional Crossed Double Crochet is done in the same manner only instead of going behind the first double crochet you go over it to create an X with the stitches. I have a lovely Scarf pattern that uses this stitch and then front posts to create a cabled look. That will be the one I work on next.

Feed back is always welcomed. My blog is set to allow anyone to comment so even if you are not a follower you can comment on my blog.

Enjoy and have a wonderful day!


  1. So glad you posted the pictures... it's a great scarf! And I love the stitch for a man. I'll have to play around with it sometime. Thanks for posting the pattern.

  2. Please let me know if you have any issues working it up.

    I am going to dig out the grey scarf I did with fringe and take pictures and post them too so you can see the pattern a little better.

  3. The scarf is beautiful! I used to crochet, but taught myself to knit a few years ago. I find I'm a much better knitter. Your crochet skills far exceed mine...

  4. I do not know how to Knit at all. I look at it and am just not convinced that I could even attempt it.
    I love to crochet though so I guess that's why I am so good at it.