Friday, August 19, 2011

When Good Electronics Go Bad...

First it was my internet... which still is so slow that most of the time pages do not load. Which is a great joke since its supposed to be high speed broadband internet. Its enough to almost make it worth while to spend the 40 a month on Comcast.

When the internet IS working my laptop seems to want to disconnect from the slow connection and then wont reconnect. I am not sure if it is because the connection is so slow that my computer just figures there must be a better connection or what.

Now it  is my camera. My beloved camera is not working. I went to take pictures with it a few days ago and even though the batteries were not that old in it it wouldnt turn on and stay on. So I opened the battery compartment to discover one of the batteries had leaked. I cleaned it out and put fresh batteries in it. Now it turns on but after about a minute and a half it turns back off again. The SD card that was in there also appears to have been erased. My Brother in law has a program that he is going to use to try to recover the 1000 pictures that were still on the card.

So I am now without a camera until I can send it to the warranty place and hope that it will be able to be fixed.

What this means for my blog is that I wont be able to post pictures, unless you want to see pictures taken with a cell phone camera. I might be able to take a few pictures with my daughters point and shoot, but they wont be quality shots. It is just a little poloroid point and shoot. Not great shots.

With the lack of ability to load pages properly with my internet connection being so slow loading pictures is a challenge anyway. I am looking into other internet options. I am just not sure yet what I can afford and what its worth to pay for net. I do know that we as unsschoolers life learners we tend to use the internet a whole lot. We download stuff constantly, print stuff more, and use the internet to watch documentaries online as well. Having a slow connection, or non existent connection at times has really slowed down things in the learning area of our lives. when my kids ask me questions that I do not know the answers to, YES that happens and they know it does. We go to the internet and utilize searches to find the answers. I am not happy that we are not able to just zoom around on the interwebs to find the answers we need so that we can go about our lives. The problem I have is that we are on a really tight budget right now and adding even a little to it might just be to much.

So I hope you readers and friends will stick around and listen to the crazy ramblings of a mom without pictorials on some of my loved crafts and adventures, at least for a little bit.

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