Friday, August 12, 2011


Today's post is just a bit of blathering.

We had a freak thunder storm here yesterday that lasted all of 10 minutes. This storm rolled in late afternoon. Shortly before it actually hit my internet started acting funny. I opted to go do other things since I couldn't get online, when I looked up I saw the storm cloud coming in. The lightening struck the house down our drive way just behind my friends house. Struck the ground! we felt the whole earth shake. Wow what a site.

Since then my net has been off and on, touch and go. I was all set to post about my beef stew and I can not get this net to stay on long enough or load my pictures. So instead I find myself just blathering.

I wonder if there is anything you, my 24 loyal followers, would like to ask me? is there a question you have been dying to ask but never did? or perhaps there is something you would like to know about me that I never talk about? Here is your chance... Ask away in the comments section and I will gladly answer them.

I hope that tomorrow the net works more like it is supposed to. I have a lovely post all set just need to ad the pictures of the stew. I Can't do it until the net is back to normal because it would take me just far to long to upload pictures when I keep getting errors telling me the server has stopped working.

Have a lovely~
where ever you are and what ever time it is where you are.

Now off to make my healthier for you Mac & Cheese for dinner. My Cuddlebugs favorite!


  1. Oh Crystal, what a cute post!
    Very clever -- my question is, how did you have such presence of mind to come up with it?

    Isn't it amazing how the "health" of our internet connections can affect us so much?

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Cass~
    Well I could get the box to open so I could post but most of the page wasn't posting. I really enjoy blogging but sometimes even the best laid plans are disrupted. So I thought what if I just sort of rambled a bit explaining why I can't post pictures...

    I am always curious to see if the readers have questions for me. I like interacting with new people. My one complaint of blogging is that there are to many people that do not interact. I hope that some of my followers are actually interested in getting to know me personally. A few are friends who do know me in other places so I guess they don't feel the need to ask me questions. :)

    I know that for me my internet is a go to tool. We use it for school and we use it for research. We also use it for directions and to find new things we would like to go and investigate. Not having a good connection effects my life in a million little ways, blogging is just one of them.

    Thank you for the question, I hope you enjoy the lengthy reply! Ha Ha.
    Have a fantastic weekend over at That Old House!

  3. Well, I'm just catching up, but I'm so interested in the most recent post....Dreaming...

    Is there any chance that you may indeed buy a run-down older home to make up? That would indeed be the stuff dreams are made of. Are these houses 'in the country' or more urban?

    One more (not serious!) question... would foreign buyers be able to buy one of these homes??!

  4. Well The post on dreaming is today's and you can always post questions there as well.

    There is always a chance for any dream to come true. :) Thats why we dream them isn't it? I do so hope that there is a chance, but right now I am not sure what that chance is.

    These particular homes I was looking at today were actually more of an urban setting. I have seen many that were in a more country setting though and they are lovely, but often more expensive.

    And serious or not, as far as foreign buyers go... I honestly do not know that there is any reason why someone from a foreign country couldn't buy a house here. I know there are ways to do it. I am just not sure what they would be. I do know most often here in the states Money talks. So for the right dollar amount anyone can buy anything here. Provided of course that you have the $$$.