Friday, October 1, 2010

October 1st

Around here October 1st means many wonderful things.

The REAL start of Autumn.

My daughter M's Birthday


and the "official" start to our school year with the filing of our records with the state.

In California we had some serious battles over the right to homeschool and I am so grateful that the state decided the way they did. Filing each year as a Private school allows me to be in complete control over how, what, when, and where my children (pupils) are learning. I am the one solely responsible for their education. I am grateful to all of the people who worked so hard to help ensure my rights and the rights of everyone else wishing to homeschool in such a way.

Since we are what I like to call Organic learners (aka unschoolers) we do not follow traditional school setup. We love to do experiments and get out in the world and discover what learning is really about.  We feel its so very important to get the kids to understand that we learn everyday no matter how old we are, or at least we should strive to learn everyday.

Here are some glimpses from the past, a few of my favorite learning experiences we have had.
making bouncy balls

Little D with his bouncy ball

Military Museum in Sacramento, Ca

display of Navajo Code Talkers

There so many wonderful memories over the years but its hard to choose which ones I love the best to share. So these were a few of the most memorable things we have done over the years. I tried to upload more pictures then this but blogger was being difficult and didn't want to work. I hope this does not become a habitual problem.

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