Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chocolate Cake is the answer

After hours of studying and reviewing information in my Mexican-American history class I feel brain dead. I am certain that the answer to every question the teacher asked must be chocolate cake. Wasn't it the Aztec's who introduced chocolate to us anyway?

I have hours more to study and several chapters to read. I am certain that this is going to be a challenging essay that I have to write because I simply can not retain the information needed to get me through. I feel as though I am spinning my way through this class and not really getting very far.

So instead I resort to doing what I do best. Cook! I am going to plop a wonderful dressed chicken in the oven and roast it for several hours. I am going to chop veggies and add them to this roasted delight. I will bake a chocolate cake completely from scratch and top it with grandma's coconut pecan frosting. I will make delicacies that everyone can enjoy and will bring me pleasure. I will then come back completely sated and attempt to compile information from the recesses of my brain so that i can pass this test.

I am posting this blog pictureless but will come back and add pictures soon ... Pictures of the beauty of roasting chicken and baking chocolate cake.

Alright folks you have waited all day for pictures of this beautiful cake so here they are!

The Ingredients

Baking tip for the night, when making chocolate cake grease your pan and then "flour" it with coco powder instead of flour. This will prevent your cake from sticking, but will also prevent that flour look on the outside of your cake. :)

before baking
after baking & cooling
The frosting has to be cooked, but it tastes wonderful & is well worth the effort.
start cooking
let it boil
add coconut & pecans

The finished product is calling for me! I pour the frosting on while its still warm right into the center of the cake and work my way out from the center to the edge. This makes a wonderful frosting method especially when its still warm enough to spread easily. I do not like frosting in the center of this cake so I simply make a larger cake and then frost only the outside. 

I hope that you all enjoy the pictures. I may post the recipe for this cake & frosting soon if enough people want it. 


  1. mmmm looks delicious. That's my cake frosting method as well. I would definitely enjoy the recipe

  2. That's a gorgeous cake. Sometimes it's maddening, living with a bunch of people who hate coconut.

  3. Yikes, I meant "yummy'. I do know how to spell. LOL

  4. Marbel, I used to hate coconut too! I tell my kids whenever they tell me they don't like something that they must try it again. It is a proven fact that we grow new taste buds every 1-2 weeks! So my children are forced to try foods even if they didn't like it last time. ;)

  5. Mrs. Darling,
    we all have those silly spelling moments where we simply hit send and miss that one little mistake ;)

    I can assure you it tastes as good as it looks. The cake is already half gone!

  6. I enjoyed my piece of cake with a great big glass of milk. Yum! Just what I needed last night.
    Miss Two was jealous this morning.

  7. Yup..... now I need to bake a cake. Wanna share your secret with me? German chocolate is my favorite and I have never had it from scratch!

    LOVE the cocoa tip! I would have never thought of that!

  8. Dear Fuzzy... I am glad that I could share with you and that you enjoyed it. :) poor Miss Two will just have to hope that there is anything left and I am a generous mood after this study time is done.

  9. Wendy,
    I believe I will post the recipe after I tweak it some. :) the cake is good but not perfect yet, the frosting is perfect but not great on the imperfect cake. lol After my midterm I am going to make another cake and play with this some then post the actual recipe I use. ;) If you want I will PM the frosting to you and you could make due with box cake and yummy frosting. LOL

  10. Heck Yes! ::Happy Snaps!!::

    The frosting is the best part of the whole thing! YAY!

  11. you got it Wendy, look for it in your fb inbox, thats easiest for me to access right at the moment. ;)

  12. Thank You, thank you, thank you!!!! YAY!!! I never did get a birthday cake for this year, so you know what I'm gonna be making!

  13. Yum! Now I want chocolate cake, too! Crystal, it's my rule too. I always tell the kids "the was a time when I didn't like that either, then I developed a taste for it. So try it once, try it again!". Of course, I wouldn't be so bad off if there were a few of those things I still didn't like. Unfortunatley I like nearly everything...excpet liver...blegh!

  14. LOL I am with ya on that one Tanya! Liver is BLECK! Nasty stuff I swear to you.