Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In Awe

This morning I am filled with so much pride for our country and the world as a whole. I awoke to find the news that so far 17 Chilean miners have been removed from what would have been their tomb. 

Chili reached out to all the high tech people all over the globe and brought in as many people as they could to help facilitate a rescue of the miners who were trapped more then 2000 miles under the ground. These miners have spent between 69-70 days underground living off of nutrition supplements and water that was dropped down to them daily. 

It fills me with pride that so many people cared enough about these trapped miners to work day and night to help rescue them. This is what the true spirit of humanity is about. I am touched that so many people have reached out to help miners and their families. 
I have nothing more to add to this blog today. I am simply in Awe of the human spirit and inspired to reach out to people. 

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  1. As of 9 minutes ago 23 miners have now emerged from the depths of the mine.

    I will comment again when they are all up.