Saturday, October 9, 2010

Secretariat ~ movie review

Being an avid horse lover since I can remember this movie was a must see for me. I remember watching replays of this amazing horse from the time I can remember. Of course Big Red won his races before I was ever born so for me he has always just been a legend. I can not think of one horse who deserves to be crowned a legend more then Secretariat though so its ok with me.

Yesterday was opening day, My dad took my daughter M and I to see it. It was a wonderful treat to go see a movie with my daughter and my father. Not at all a normal occurrence and we all enjoyed ourselves so much. So Thank you dad for the wonderful time.

Now onto the movie review! No I will not give away plots or otherwise tell the movie, I want you to go see it yourself!

Here is the trailer

This movie is fantastic! 5 stars all the way around. The cast works together well, you feel a real chemistry between the characters. I loved that while Big Red is the "man of the hour" but the movie focuses on more then just him. You get the whole back story of how he came to be, what turmoil the family went through and how it all played out. The story is a complex one that most people never knew. I love the passion in Penny and how well Diane Lane plays the part. The worst part for some maybe that you ultimately know how the story ends, however you really get caught up in the telling of the story of how he got there, the anxiety of if he would really get there and then the ultimate triumph when he did get there.

There is no way to know if another great will ever emerge like the great Secretariat but us horse lovers can always dream~

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