Monday, October 25, 2010

time flies when your having fun!

Somehow I am the mom to a 16 year old today. She has grown and changed over the years and I am constantly amazed that she is who she is. How did I get so lucky to be her mom? I mean seriously she is an amazing girl woman! She is funny and sweet, very down to earth but loves to dream with her head in the clouds. It doesn't seem possible that she is almost an adult, wasn't it only yesterday when she was a baby?

Then back in September she almost died when her appendix ruptured and leaked into her belly for a week. She did not have any of the typical symptoms at all, only flu like symptoms that did not go away completely for 6 days. She was in the hospital for 13 days, in the ICU for 9 days and it was easily the most terrifying thing I have ever been through. I am glad that she inherited my drive because on day 3 in the ICU she told her father "don't worry I can't die, I have to many things I still have to do."

Now how about a look through the years at my growing beauty? 
M's Kitty cat costume 2 years old

Me, Daughter M (2 1/2) and Son A 
Daughter M age 11
M & Snickerdoodle her first bunny, age 11
M blowin bubbles age 13
M searchin for easter eggs age 14
Me & M @ brooks n dunn concert 
M last week playing with the pottery wheel. 

Happy Birthday my darling Daughter. I am proud to be your mom and I LOVE you! 

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