Monday, October 4, 2010

To many choices, help me decide!

With the start of fall I am raring to get my hands on my yarn and start creating! I LOVE this time of year. I have spent hours upon hours already trying desperately to decide what my next project should be. I have an idea of what I am looking for but just can not seem to settle on one style yet. Over the years I have crocheted many beautiful things for many beautiful people but rarely do I make things for myself. The reason I taught myself to crochet is because I wanted to make beautiful things for ME. I wanted hand made sweaters and beautiful blankets to cuddle under. I wanted all these things and instead I taught myself to crochet and made beautiful things for everyone around me. most babies who have been born in the last 15 years in my family, or near and dear friends got a hand made baby blanket as a gift. I have created blankets for each of the children, although my little ones need new ones not baby blankets. The first time I made something for myself was last year when I created the Wool Eater

Now I am ready to create new things for myself. My husband bought me some wonderful alpaca yarn back in February when we went to Fort Bragg California, in a little shop in Mendocino called 
I loved that little shop, we spent some great time in there touching all the different yarn, except I avoided the wool since I am so ultra sensitive to it! This is where I learned that I am not sensitive to alpaca, and as a gift my wonderful hubby bought me some beautiful stuff, one large black skien, and then 3 smaller skien's in blues. I originally thought I would do this wonderful shall in all the colors but have since changed my mind. 

So now I am trying to decide what I am going to do, I will eventually choose I am sure but for now the choices seem like there are just to many! I have decided that I will put it out there and share some of the patterns I am looking at and ask the public for an opinion. I want something that is versatile enough to be dressed up or down. I want it to be open in the front not closed. But I can't seem to decide if I want it to be rounded at the bottom or pointed into a V shape. I have so many choices to make! Each of these patterns are free patterns and I will likely modify one to be something I want but here are the styles I am looking at. 

All Shall

Vintage style

Cozy shawl

Caplet, closed and I want it open, but I love this style

I think this is elegant and beautiful

this is just a rectangle shawl, but can be wrapped beautifully

Seraphina shall, this was the original inspiration
hand made clasp

back of shawl, I made for a friend

front of shawl, I created this myself

So these are the choices. please tell me what do you think? Which of these lovely shawls should I choose? I am so torn! They are all beautiful and lovely! I just cant decide which I love the most. Post a reply on this blog and let me know what you think. 
The shawl that I made for a friend is not what I am looking for but mostly just a sampling of one that I have done. I do think it was beautiful and I will be creating my own clasp to close the shawl with, but I do not want a shawl that is exactly like this one. This was done for a dainty little person and I am not that person. :) 

Place your vote! 


  1. For you..... I would choose the vintage style, tighter knit in the longer length of the first one. That would rock. A Lot. A Whole Lot.

  2. I like the elegant one with the flower motif!

  3. They are all beautiful! If I *have* to choose, my fav might be #1 (because I like being able to drape it) or #5.... But I don't think you could go wrong with any of them! Can't wait to see the finished one!

  4. So between the posts here, and the posts on my fb page I have 4 votes for the Vintage style, 2 votes for the All Shawl, 2 votes for the Elegant floral, with 3 "back up" votes for the floral.

    So I think the leader is the Vintage Style so far and the elegant floral in second with the All Shawl pulling a 3rd place.

    I am going to keep looking for replies today and will have to make a decision tonight. I want to get started. I am ACHING to get started! I have school work I have to do but I WANT to crochet! I have a house that could use a good pick up but I WANT to crochet. I woke up thinking about crocheting this morning. The weather is perfect for sitting under a mound of yarn and working up something beautiful.

  5. I just dropped by from Mrs. Darling's blog, and I saw this post! I crochet, too, and like you, I don't make much for myself. Currently, I'm making a sweater vest, but I'm having problems because I'm not using the recommended yarn. Anyway...

    Have you decided yet? I wouldn't even know where to begin.

  6. Why hello Nikki, I am glad to see you dropped in. :) I hope that you come back again.

    I have not decided yet. I am still so torn. I love the aspects of some over others but I am just so torn over what I want the final product to come out like. I think I will end up having to come up with something that is my own but incorporates some of the aspects I like. :)