Saturday, July 28, 2012

Keep Your Cool

I have been sewing up a storm lately. One of the top items on my sewing list are cooling neck ties...

Neckties that help you cool down?

Why yes!

There are pulse points all over your body and by placing a cool damp cloth on these points you can help keep your body temp down despite the rising temperatures. Everyone has a few different spots on their neck and head that are pulse points.

I make these ties that can be worn in several ways.

Tied on your forehead like a bandana:

Tied around your head with the wet part at the base of your skull:

Tied with the ends hanging around your neck, or tucked into a shirt:

I like to freeze mine over night to get them extra cold on day's that I know I will be outside all day. First wet the gel area (center back of each tie) then place in a zip lock baggie (to prevent sticking to anything in the freezer) and toss on in the freezer.

You can re-wet the ties at any point in the day should they dry out or become to warm.

You can hand wash them should they get grungy with mild soap and water. I make my own soap but I would suggest something that is perfume free and just the smallest amount rubbed into the fabric, rinsed well and hung to dry. Do not put these in the dryer as it can damage the silica beads inside.

If your beads clump up to much and dry into a hard ball or tube simply soak in water for 5 -10 minutes and then squish with hands to move the beads apart.

Wear them indoors (and raise your thermostat a little) or outdoors if you are going for a walk, exercising, strolling the farmers markets, shopping, paying bills, working on your yard or in your garden.

I personally wear mine when ever I go out to do yard work even in the early morning hours.
Here are a few examples of past ties that I have made and sold:

I make these in a variety of colors and fabric prints. If you are interested in one please send me a message.

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