Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some changes round the blog

You may have noticed some changes I already made, Like the new background (finally) and colors on the blog. This fits me better and feels more genuine than the previous background.

I am still trying to work out a few things like a silly pinterest button because I love to pin and lets face it blogs that have the button are easier to deal with! I am also working on creating links to favorite blogs so that you can click on the tab and go to that blog directly, hopefully this makes it easier to find projects or whatnot. So be sure to check the tabs up top for the page that will link directly to that blog.

I hope that you all can appreciate the changes and work that has gone on so far, more is to come and I am trying to get it there quickly.


  1. Ooh! Let me know if you figure the Pinterest button out! I'd love to add that to mine, too. :)

    And I love the changes. So pretty...

  2. Thank's so much! I am trying desperately to figure out the button but I figure I must be a dunce! LOL I can't figure out how to create the button, I know I will have to edit in html but gah! LOL talk about aggravation! I need to add a copy-write on the picture used as a background as it's a friend's picture he allowed me to use. :)