Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I have not updated much on the garden and I think now is a good time to do so. The children and I have had so much fun going and discovering what little treats our garden has left us each and every day.

The cucumbers have been plentiful and we have shared several from our crop with friends & family. I have loved making cucumber salad with these little delicacies, or simply slicing them up and adding them to sandwiches.
creative organic learners funny face

Harvested cucumbers

Here are some of our squash that we harvested recently.

And then we decided that our watermelon was taking over the whole garden area, It had exploded over the box, across the yard and into the other boxes. 

moon & stars watermelon

Heart of Gold Cantaloupe

For some reason one of the watermelon's (the bigger of the two) was not ripe yet even though it felt ripe. The cantaloupe was so soft, sweet and juicy. 

Having a garden has been more fun then I could have imagined it being. I believe we will be starting some winter crops soon, we LOVE broccoli, and cauliflower, and some of the other veggies that are grown in the late fall/early winter. It is nearly time to clear out the boxes once the fruit that is still growing is finished ripening. I am disappointed that my tomatoes never really ripened, we do have some green ones on the vine and maybe I will still get some but we are quickly coming to a point where we wont have the chance for them to get ripe. 


  1. All I harvested this year was freaking beans. We just didn't have enough sun or heat for anything. Not even 1 tomato ripened. I ripped everything out last week.

    Well... lettuce, spinach, kale, and peas.... all cool weather crops flourished. I threw in some swiss chard seeds the other day. It was just not a good gardening year up in these foggy, dreary, depressive parts.

    Too bad I couldn't afford a sauna for my tomatoes. Cause I would... if I could...

  2. It sounds to me like you need a green house with some of those UV lights. You turn them on during the day and off at night. Then you would have plenty of fresh food to choose from. :)

    We live in an area that is at the north end of the growing area in California. It means that normally we have great growing and lots to harvest year round. This is my first attempt at a garden in town. When we were kids my parents did a garden once in the mountains, and my grandparents did a garden every year.