Friday, September 24, 2010


Music is my heartbeat. I grew up with music and I know when I am really down and having a hard time that music is the only thing to sooth my soul. I often shock people with my wide range in music genre's and styles. I think I probably should have been a singer if I followed my passion better instead of getting so lost as a teen. I love to sing and if you see me driving down the road I am that crazy looking lady singing my head off. I do know how to carry a tune and can harmonize well, so at least I am not singing foolishly out of key. I tried my hand at instruments but it just never seemed to be my calling no matter how much I loved the Piano and the Flute. My grandfather was the most talented man I ever knew and I admired his ability to stroke the ivory keys at such an amazing pace.

My love for music started at such a young age I don't remember not ever loving it. I can remember being 2 years old and dancing around my living room in San Jose to Ray Charles or Frank Sinatra. I remember sitting on the floor with my grandpa Saenz looking through his albums, (yes actual records!) and picking out the next classical or jazz album to put on. I love Lena Horne , and Ella Fitzgerald there voices were so powerful and so elegant its hard to not love them. My grandfather taught me to love all types of music not just one, even though he played mostly Jazz music he acknowledged that talent and a good beat were what was most important.

Most of the time today you will find either one of these greats that I mentioned in my CD player or country. I love most of the new country singers but I love the old ones too. There is just something so powerful about Johnny Cash or George Strait singing in their deep ballad voices. A more recent edition to my love affair of country music is Josh Turner probably because his voice so closely resembles Johnny Cash that how could I not love him?

I am a child of the 70s so lets not leave out my love of that decade either. I was born smack dab in the middle of the 70s, and while my mom was mostly one to listen to country or classic stuff my dad was very into the 70s music. We listened to a lot of Fleetwood Mac and Heart which I still thoroughly enjoy today. There are times when some great soul music that came from the late 60s and into the 70s are in order.

I know that I have not covered all my favorites but this is a good start. Of course I didn't delve into my love affair with The King, Elvis or how instrumentals sooth my soul either, those will have to be their own blogs as I have so much to say on each subject it would take more room then I have time for here. What are your favorites? Do you tend to stick to one type of music or do you listen to a large variety too?

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