Monday, September 20, 2010

What Fun We Had!

In store for todays blog is a peak back over our summer. Starting in July and working straight through till August.

July started with a bang! My Brother in law and niece came for a visit for the first time in 8 years from Nebraska. Together we caravaned up the state to Eureka Ca to visit my husbands parents and have a family reunion. The first time my husbands siblings have all been home all at the same time in nearly 20 years!

The drive is always beautiful as we wined our way through the mountains going to the coast. Along the way we discovered bigfoot! He resides in a little town on Highway 299 in Northern California. He is very friendly as you can see.

Once we arrived in Eureka the gathering commenced. We took family portraits at a professional studio where lord help that lady there was 13 of us, 3 of which were grown men who behaved as if they were 3! We watched the fireworks from the front yard and promptly returned inside for hot cocoa with whipped cream on top.

We went and discovered the Loleta Cheese Factory where you can watch them making the cheese right there in the shop, as well as taste all the delicious fresh cheeses.

We wandered out into the garden at the cheese factory where we enjoyed the beautiful landscaping

I just loved these bottles nestled in between the plants

The gardens were such a delight, my beautiful daughter had to stop and smell the flowers.

The garden was filled with beautiful bright flowers.

We also explored the Gem & Mineral shop where the kids got grab bags of beautiful stones, and we enjoyed the museum.
These are stones made to look like food.

The vase is carved out of solid stone!

Beautiful gems inside the stone.

My youngsters looking over all the solid rocks that might contain their own gems.

We spent more time with family and then traveled home again, concluding our July trips. More adventures awaited us in August where we had a birthday to celebrate and a nature trip of grand proportions to enjoy. I will blog about those adventures tomorrow. For today I hope you enjoyed going back in time with me to relive the adventures of July.

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