Saturday, September 25, 2010


There was a time long long ago when I remember Saturday meant getting up at 6am to start a cartoon marathon. Great cartoons too! Am I the only one who remembers this? Greats like Tom & Jerry and Loony Toons, an hour each. Interesting ones like the Smurfs & He-man (for my brother) or Care Bears (for my sister). Sitting on the floor in the living room in our pj's with our bowl of cereal dry so we didn't spill milk on the carpet! Hours of cartoons, usually until at least 10am maybe even 11 if there was a Saturday morning special on. Then Mom & Dad would get up and tell us to go play outside. Outside where we were left to our own devices to create mud pies, play in the trees, play in the play house, or dog house whichever was more entertaining at the moment, play with the dogs, eat oranges fresh out of the tree. Saturday used to be great!

I even remember about 10 - 12 years ago Saturdays were still good, not great but good. My oldest two kids would get up and watch cartoons allowing me to sleep in. I loved Saturday mornings as a parent! I loved them as a kid too but lets face it as a parent they were so nice to get that one reprieve in the morning. Sleeping in is such a rare gift for a parent, especially when you have more then one child.

Now on a Saturday morning you might get lucky to find some cartoon on some channel if you have those extra channels like Disney or Nick, but if you are a person who only has a few channels you are SOL. You wont even find cartoons on at all most of the time, and should you chance to find any child friendly programing it is likely to be old, reruns of mediocre shows that were not worth watching in the first place.

I would like to petition the major networks CBS, ABC, NBC to bring back our Saturday morning classics! Pink Panther, Loony Toons, Muppet Babies, Tom & Jerry, Smurfs, Care Bears and give back a tradition that is lost on this generation.

Who's with me?


  1. I definitely with you!! Saturdays used to be awesome. I love all of the old cartoons from when I was a kid. Netflix has some of them but most of them aren't instant so it can be a pain.

  2. LOL--- I recently rented a couple of Smurfs DVDs from Netflix for the kids. Wow were my eyes opened. I never realized how sexist and piggish they were!

    Looney Tunes.... yes, I've bought that collection of DVDs. My favorite is still that green frog who would only sing for the bum on the street. *Hello my Lady, Hello my Honey....*


  3. LOL Wendy! I loved that dancing & singing frog! I love ragtime music its such a great genre so it is a fun little glimpse into that style for people who have never heard it before.

    O I always knew how sexist the smurfs were, I mean look smurfette was the only girl smurf! But they did have the gay scene covered well before anyone ever realized it... enter vanity smurf, and even taylor smurf. :)