Thursday, September 23, 2010


I love the fall.

I love the crisp air and the anticipation of cooler weather.

I love the smell of rain on the earth.

I long for days spent quietly with a good book.

I am a crafter and I long for a craft room where I can lock the door behind me and just create.

inside of the diaper bag I made for my cousin.

                            The outside of the diaper bag.

A post stitch crocheted baby blanket for my cousins baby. Booties to match. 

The most colorful star ripple blanket made for a dear dear friend. I have made a couple of baby blankets that have the same pattern but I love this one with all the vibrant colors. 

Relaxation masks filled with a blend of lavender & rice. They make wonderful soothers for headaches and are good either hot or cold. 

I love to create wearable fun jewelery too

My favorite thing that I have made was made for myself for the first time in over 15 years. It is called the Wool Eater and I love this blanket. it reminds me of fall. It is lap blanket size and had I not run out of yarn I would have made it larger, but it is perfect for sitting under with that afore mentioned good book. 

I think the time has come for me to break out my crafting skills again, they always seem to take a back seat in the summer as I am usually busy doing so many other things. The fall is when the crafting bug starts to hit and I have miles of yarn that need to be used, yards of fabric that are calling for me, piles of beads that are screaming to be made into something beautiful to wear and lets not forget all the creations in the kitchen I am longing for. Apple pie, pear torts, fresh baked breads and soups and stews. I love to cook too... perhaps tomorrows blog will delve into that subject. Today I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into things I love & have created. 

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