Sunday, September 19, 2010

School Time

Since life got in the way we have not had a whole lot of school time. We have missed several park days, and the connection with others like us. Free thinkers are not so common but thankfully homeschoolers are becoming more frequent. Baby girl number 1 is on the mend and it looks like life may take on its normalcy soon enough. Being fall that means school time. As unschoolers this takes on a whole different vibe then most people who homeschool. I love that about our lives.

Unschooling is such a different experience for us. It took shape over a few years and many failed attempts at "traditional" school at home style homeschooling. We tried hard to make that school at home style work for us but it just didn't. None of us was satisfied, we all felt frustrated. In an attempt to find a way for us to all feel less frustrated we started exploring the world around us better. We all learned that we prefer to be out doors, off on a field trip or even building something with our own hands rather then sitting at a table and writing everything down to take note that the children were learning. My oldest loves to read but hates to be told what to read, my middle boy is a genius at building and figuring out how to make things, & my youngest two would rather explore everything around them then sit still long enough to learn from a book. This is how the journey started for us about 4 years ago.

Today I sit here pondering how this years adventure shall begin and what we will start with. Baby girl #1 is still in recovery mode and has not even cracked the books she so enthusiastically got at the library 3 weeks ago. My middle son has been doing co-op lessons the past few weeks via the phone and internet with a dear friend of ours. She seems to be able to get him to understand things better then I can at this point and I am so very grateful that she is in his life for this season. That leaves my youngest two who are ready to start their adventure. I see how they have grown and changed over the years and its hard to believe! They were so young just yesterday weren't they? Now they are ready for their very own learning adventures! I am not sure yet what their learning styles are and this will be the first step in figuring it all out.

So the new goal as of today... Figure out the youngest two's learning style! check in to find out what I have discovered and much more.


  1. How awesome that you are figuring out their learning styles! How are you going to do it?

  2. ahh Kathy, The very best way I know how. Careful observation is the key! I also am using the information from this website to help me determine which learning styles I think best fit the youngest two. It is how I determined the older ones learning styles and it helped has been the very best thing I have done in helping them learn.