Monday, September 27, 2010


I am a part time college student, in my spare time ya know. I am taking 2 classes this semester and am working towards a degree in culinary arts. I love to cook! It truly is my passion. One day very soon I will post a blog that is ladened with pictures of all the culinary goodies I like to make, it will surely make your mouth water. In the mean time I have been a stay at home mom, and homeschool Organic Learning teacher for 16+ years. I have not held a job outside the home in that amount of time. Since my husband was laid off and we live in such a poor area it has been difficult to find work for him. We are waiting for active duty orders to come through so he can just finish out his active duty time and collect his retirement. So when I went looking for work that I had plenty of "home" experience in I was denied time and time again because there are just to many people out there who have "work" experience that can do the job. So I decided that it would be a good idea to get my degree in Culinary Arts so that in a few years I can then either get a part time job working in the field I love, or open my own business like I really want to do... The dream is to own a B&B (Bed & Breakfast), If you have never had the pleasure of staying in a B&B you should check it out sometime.

At any rate when Daughter M got sick 4 weeks ago my schooling was a bit derailed. The first week she was home and I stayed on top of things okay. It was when she went into the hospital and stayed in the ICU for 9 days that I slowly started slipping behind. My professors have been very understanding and even allowed me extra time to make up some of my work. You would not believe how much time it takes to make up work once your behind! As of Friday I had 6 history lectures to review and take notes on, 2 health lectures to review and take notes on, a test in health AND a 2 week food journal to type out and save. This food journal had to be started while I was taking shifts staying with my daughter in the ICU so it is not really a good example of my daily eating habits. It is frustrating to have to take notes on what your eating daily.

As of today I only have about 5 days of food journaling to finish typing up and then I am completely caught up with both my classes! I am sick of typing up food entries. It is rather tedious to type out all the different things you ate and drank in a day, but at least I can get it done quickly and be ALL caught up!

As for Daughter M, She got her staples out today and is recovering nicely after having her appendix rupture from the tip. The dr said that it rotted instead of truly rupturing. I am so amazed by the body! her body attempted to heal itself by wrapping the Omentum around the ruptured appendix to stop the leakage of bacteria. Simply amazing! Of course we are grateful that the dr was able to remove the offending appendage and clean out the infection, saving Daughter M's life. She was seriously ill for many weeks, but now she is almost healthy.


  1. Wow! What a life you have. So glad your daughter is better, and that it's all working out for her (and you).

  2. O there always seems to be something going on. I can not complain to much, this is the first and only major illness any of my children have had. I am so fully blessed in this life that sometimes I forget to mention that part of it. :)

  3. Well. At least M's omentum was for good use, eh?! That really IS amazing.

    One of the things I stress in wellness coaching is that the body can and will heal itself if given the proper tools.

    Obviously, there is much goodness in allopathic medicine. It is still not the answer to everything and is too focused on disease care instead of health care. But I suppose our society has demanded a disease care system rather than a health care system, eh?

    In any case.... I'm so glad that you are getting caught up and that M is recovering beautifully.

    I wonder..... has any research been done about the prevention of such a rupture and the cause of it? It is so common.... it makes me wonder....

  4. I have to agree with you Wendy. I know that there has not been a lot of study on the appendix, the solution has always been to cut it out because its "un-needed" according to most medical dr's. I do not believe that it is so useless an organ, but when it becomes infected and is leaking bacteria into the body it is necessary to remove it.

    Sadly to many people would rather just have a dr give them a pill and be done with their "health care". Personally I would rather not deal with a dr unless he is needed, like this one was.