Friday, February 18, 2011

some of todays favorites

Today is a rainy day. On rainy days I sometimes like to just dive in and enjoy what others are doing in their lives. Blogging is one of my favorite things and reading others blogs on days like today thrill me. I have to go and sweep and vacuum soon but I wanted to share a few of todays favorite blogs.

In no particular order

I love this one, its one of my new favorites to follow. I simply love her house and the way she talks pulls you right on in and makes you want to sit down with a cup of tea.
That Old House

Todays tutorial blog on cutting out "magic windows" with tissue paper over at Journey into Unschooling is simply delightful.

This tantalizing piece of wearable art is a sight for everyone to behold. I just had to share Handmade by Knottygal 's newest creation!

This post by Heather Sanders on Unschooled is such a wonderful post about freeing girls to just be what they are meant to be that I couldnt help but sharing.

Have a fantastic Friday everyone.


  1. Oh my, Crystal! I am so flattered. :-) This really lifted my spirits... when I began this blog it never occurred to me that anyone except (maybe) my husband and (maybe) a friend or two might read it.

    2 years later I am still amazed that it gets found, and read! And you would be welcome any time for a cup of tea at That Old House. Can't promise cake -- trying to lose weight before my daughter's wedding! -- but tea? We always have that.

    Now I'm going to go and visit the other blogs you mention. Have a lovely weekend, and thank you! I really am so tickled!
    Best wishes, Cass

  2. Cass I am so new to blogging that I just love discovering new blogs. Your home is lovely, your blogs are delightful and fun to read. I am so glad that you stopped by and visited. I hope that some new people get the chance to check out some of my new favorite blogs.

  3. They do look fun, don't they? I find myself staring longingly at tissue paper these days but we've made so many cut-outs already there's nowhere to put them all! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Amida its so nice to have you stop by. I simply love these cut outs and I am going to give them a shot with my kiddos soon as I can gather the supplies, probably not until after we are settled in our new home but I know where to find the tutorial. :)

  5. Thank you so much for mentioning my shawl on your blog. I am glad you like it. :-)