Saturday, February 12, 2011

Field Trippin'

We recently went on an adventure to the northern coastal town of Eureka California. My husband is from there and we went to visit our family before we make the trek across the ocean to our new home. While we were there we took the opportunity to explore some of the natural wonders that are in this area of the state.

We visited Patrick's Point where we followed the trails down to Agate Beach, only to discover that it was to darn cold, far to windy and a bit dangerous with the tide coming in to actually look for Agates on the beach. The hike down was pretty, and very educational.

Then we went over and checked out the Yu'rok Tribe's village that is located at Patrick's Point. Talk about awe inspiring!

Then we wandered off to explore the hike up to Ceremony Rock. Being deathly afraid of heights I did not actually venture all the way to the top, however I did find a nice level spot with a bit of a view where I felt safe.

looking up
the view from between two rocks on level ground.

On our way home we drove through the Avenue of the Giants. This is a beautiful drive if you have time to take a leasure stroll I strongly suggest it. The entire drive is about 24 miles of winding through the famous Giant redwoods of Northern California.

view of the road from my sun roof
view looking up from the sun roof

We also pulled over and hiked through the forest and studied some of the fallen trees. These ancient redwoods sometimes fall and are left to decompose on their own. This decomposition gives life to organisms in the forest and is the way its supposed to be. The kids had a blast exploring the redwoods on foot. There is something amazing being among trees so tall, they make you realize just how small you really are in this world.

The family walking across a redwood bridge (aka fallen tree)
M & I (proof I am not always behind the camera)

We found a Drive through tree and some tree houses.

driving up to the drive through tree

a little closer
inside the tree looking up through the sun roof

The kids loved going to the top of this one

you cant get to the top of this one but it was fun looking inside. 

On the way home the kids slept, and slept, and slept. It was certainly a trip to remember!


  1. You take such gorgeous photos.

    Love, Katrina

  2. Thank you Katrina. I am still learning the ins and outs of this fancy camera and some shots don't always come out as clear as I would like. :)