Sunday, February 13, 2011

Military Museum

Recently we went on a field trip to Old Sacramento. If you ever visit the state capitol of California I urge you to explore the area of Old Sacramento here is a link to the last blog I did about Old Sac.

Todays blog is all about the Military Museum in Old Sac. This museum is a tribute to all branches of the military, not just one branch.

There is a wall just inside the door to the left that is a tribute to all the fallen military members who lived in California since the Gulf War started. This is a sobering view of our war.

We started our self guided tour going to the right of the room and working by each display. They have the display's well lit and filled with informative cards.

There are display cases on each war and what the military looked like in that era.

There is a new display that shows women in the military as well

There is even a display that shows the music of different era's and how it rallied troops.


  1. That looks very interesting. Did you notice the saw in the Civil War medicine display?

  2. Yes Pam right under the saw (that you can't see in the picture very well) is a detailed photo of how to amputate a leg. My oldest son who is not good with blood could not look at it it was so detailed.