Thursday, February 24, 2011

just a day in the life of me

I can not always settle down in my own head long enough to compose a blog. I have so many wonderful things that I would love to share and often not enough time to compose them into a cohesive blog.

todays blog was going to be about my new discovery... a love for beet cake! yes beet cake! now its really a chocolate cake with beets in it. But its moist and delicious and goes perfectly with my husbands grandmas German Chocolate frosting. However I really like to post pictures of my recipes, and that means baking another cake for photography sake, and I have an ear infection that has just got me in the mood to sit and cuddle under a blanket. So stay tuned for the most awesome chocolate cake recipe ever... coming soon...

Instead I wanted to share one of the most amazing things going on in my life. I am co-hosting a blog show. really I don't do any of the talking, I am just the hands for the host. I post info in the chat box and she does all the talking. Which is probably for the best, I am a great multi-tasker but I can easily get tongue tied.

I am having a blast! Wendy is so good and her voice is so soothing. I love listening as well as helping. I get such a high from it that its amazing to me that just a few short weeks ago I was not even involved other then as a listener.

I love being a part of something so positive.

If you are looking for tips on health and wellness, want to join in on hearing the radio broadcast then check out

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