Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wooo Hoooo!

I managed it! I got all the boxes (except pictures) unpacked! Everything is packed into storage containers if they are not needed immediately and placed under the house in 'storage', or put away in its respective places.

I am still in need of some fabulous storage but I have a few tuppers that didn't have lids anymore. (they fell apart on the way from California) Those are being used as my linen closet right now. Stacked on top of my washer, which may very well be what holds it in place as it spins at 2000rpm's to drain my clothes.

I am in need of a few sunny days so that I can paint some chairs, paint some walls, paint my handmade closet, hmm anything else I need to paint? .... No I think thats everything!

I need to find that bag of brackets that hold up my curtains so that I can put those up in the dining room instead of these blinds that drive me batty. Those blinds, you know the ones that break if you touch them, rattle if the wind blows through them and with 4 kids and 4 dogs they are bound to end up trashed!

I am itching to get some more of this painting done and just can not bring myself to do it with rainy grey days. I have to many kids and dogs t do it indoors so for now I must live with ugly dark green ladder back chairs that have been scuffed up to accept my paint, and patched walls in the living room and my bedroom, as well as ply wood wall panel for the closet. At least until the sunshine shows itself for more then a half a second. It needs to be warm enough to paint outside and have it dry before the rain shows up again.

It feels good to have the boxes out of my dinning room... I can not wait to have it all pulled together and pretty! how exciting will that be!


  1. You've made amazing progress! Good for you! Although, by the weather, it sounds like you may have moved to Oregon by mistake. We've got rainy, chilly days. I'm so ready for warm, sunny days. I hope you get some soon so you can get your paint on!

  2. From what I hear this is normal weather for this time of year. A lot of thunder storms and rain but by June we will have nothing but sunshine. I dont mind the rainy days I just want to be able to paint! LOL