Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Morning!

I finally woke up at a decent hour this morning. I didn't over sleep I woke up bright and early and I don't even feel exhausted.

I woke up let the dogs out the back door, left the slider open so they could come back in without me having to hear barking.

I got my cup of tea to start the day, todays choice was chocolate chai tea.

I sat down at my dining room table with my ladder back chairs that are still screaming at me to be white! I opened my laptop and was preparing to come write this blog when a lovely little bright red cardinal came and perched on my porch railing and sang me a little tune. I must say that we do not have cardinal's in California so for me they are a delight to see. Their bright read heads with the pointy feathers. I know nothing about them other then they are red with yellow beaks, and they seem to love to clean up crumbs.

I want to get my camera out and take pictures but then I remembered that I can't upload them and by the time I went for the camera the bird was gone.

Yesterday from my same vantage point I saw a giant yellow and black butterfly land on the tree right off my deck and it just sat there. I do not know if it was just hanging out taking a break or what but it was almost as big as the leaf and it was so pretty.

The nature around me sure makes it easy to enjoy life. Even on the days when my arm wants to fall off! :)


  1. Sounds like a lovely morning, full of Mother Nature's surprises...

  2. It was beautiful and relaxing.

    Of course I then went and worked hard washing cabin walls that need to be primed tomorrow and painted the next day... O boy will I be glad when that is done.

    Now I wanna take a nap!

  3. We have a cardinal pair who live in our sprawling Forsythia bush all winter -- I love the bright spot of red that is Mr C flitting in the snow!

    Chocolate Chai Tea? Where do you get this wonder?

    It sounds to me as if a cup or two of that would go a long way to keeping an arm glued on!

    What a lovely friend you are to help with the cabin prep for the season. I hope you will get to use the cabin too!


  4. well the cabin will be rented out so I wont get to use it, but I am glad to be able to help my friend.

    I love seeing these cardinals they are such a treat for me. This morning I saw some bird that was orange and brown with an orange beak. I have no idea what type of bird it is but it was interesting too.

    The brand of Chocolate Chai tea I have is called zehan's gypsy tea you can order it directly from the company it is wonderful!