Wednesday, May 11, 2011

To separate or not to separate, that is the question

No I am not talking about my marriage!

I am talking about my blog. When I started this blog I originally wanted to be able to just have tabs at the top with different links to my many interests. That is not something I have figured out how to do here on blogger. I admit I am still a novice but I have done a lot of reading and not found a way to do what I had wanted to do.

At least not how I intended to do it.

I am now wondering if I should have a separate blog for homeschooling, one for all my cooking, and one for my crafting... It would at least make it easier for people to find certain topics or just follow what interests them.

Or should I leave the blog as it is and just continue to randomly post blogs that happen to be where my life is at this moment?

Comment and let me know what you think. Or if you know of a way to create a separate tab at the top for each topic so that all blogs can fall in that category then by all means let me know.


  1. I know how to create separate pages/tabs, but not how to categorize posts in the tabs. That is an excellent question! The thought of having to follow 3 separate blogs stresses me out. I follow so many already. You can tag your posts with words so that people can look at them that way... If you ever figure out how to sort posts in tabs, please post that!!!

  2. Yeah that is what I am having a problem with. I try to put keywords on the tag but its not always easy and I do forget. I want blogger to fix this so that I can have one blog with several "pages" with "links" at the top. each tab at the top of the page would open a different page and each page would contain the blogs that pertain to that topic. That is what I want!