Friday, May 20, 2011

What type of posts do you like to read?

When you are looking for a new blog to follow what are your favorite types of blogs?

Are you searching for something in particular? Do you read for the writers style? Do you care about punctuation and grammar? Or is it all just about having fun?

Personally I enjoy a variety of blogs and am always looking for something new and interesting. I love creative people and being that I am creative myself I love to get ideas from others. I am constantly trying to find new blogs that are interesting and fun. I love a person who can have fun with their words. I enjoy a blog that isn't always just about one thing. I mean we as people are more then just one thing. We are layers of interesting thoughts and ideas.

I think that is why I was searching for a way to create my blog that would allow for my many different aspects of me could be displayed without being so completely random. I know that some people like to follow only one topic and I just can not stick to just one topic. I am to creative for that. I can not stick to writing about one topic on a certain day like I have seen others do. I am more of a "this is what I am in the mood to chat about right now" kinda gal.

So my few readers, what type of bloggers do you search for?

Also one more question... I have been thinking about removing the comment must be approved first deal. I love reading comments from people and I even enjoy replying to them but I find it annoying when I go to comment and the comment says it has to be approved. I also hate those little captulas they drive me nuts! But I do not want to deal with spammers either so this is my quandary. Thoughts?


  1. Let's see... I like to get good, helpful information from the blogs I read. Your recipes are awesome! So I tend to gravitate to informational blogs instead of personal-news blogs.

    Style isn't such a big deal, because it's all about the writer's own way of expressing, but errors in spelling, grammar, etc. drive me nuts.

    As for comment approval, I had to add it to my blog, because spammers from certain other countries were posting comments that ended with a series of periods. Each period was a link to a porn site or sometimes a site peddling pills. Couldn't have that popping up on my blog, and I think everyone understands that it's okay to wait for approval.

  2. Pentalia, Its sure nice to see you around! Thanks for the input!

    I appreciate the feed back about my recipes! I want to get back to sharing those too. Hopefully once everything settles and I have the ability to upload pics I can post some recipes, because they really are better with a few pictures.

    And that is exactly what I am afraid of if I removed the approval for comments.

  3. First, I love your blog. I love the diversity of it. And I've learned so much from you! I generally look for unschooling blogs and Paleo/Primal blogs. There are a few that I started following way back when and I still follow. Some I have started following because of blog carnivals. Sometimes I am overwhelmed and have to take a break from reading. Honestly, I like posts that aren't too wordy. And I love photos. (I know you can't upload right now, so I'll let it slide. ;) Yes, sometimes it takes more words for some posts, but I try to keep my posts relatively short. That may just be me.

    As for the owner approval, that doesn't bother me so much. The captulas are kind of a pain, but I don't mind so much. I think I have my blog set to not require them and I have my blog set to only require blog owner approval for posts that are over two weeks old. That is when most spam shows up for me.

  4. ahh thanks Shady Lady. :) I am a rather diverse person and find it far to difficult to stick to just one topic.

    I appreciate the feedback. It certainly helps me to streamline my blog and make a few changes.