Friday, May 13, 2011


I didn't think Blogger would EVER get the problem fixed. I am so addicted to reading my blogs that it was some strange vortex while I couldn't get my blogger to open.

I am stuffed from baked potatoes and meat loaf.

Does anyone else think its wrong that its called meat loaf?

Or that it sounds disgusting to call it a loaf of meat?

I lost at Phase 10 today...

I Won at Earthopoly though so it all works out...

That's a wrap for tonight.


  1. Broken Blogger helped me feel less guilty about not posting on my blog. Now I need to get back to feeling guilty, I guess. ;P I'll get back to blogging next week for sure!!

  2. Shady, I have missed reading your blog but I do understand a break now and then. I have come to realize that my blogging addiction has become severe. Do you think there is a bloggers anonymous? ha ha

  3. LOL, Crystal! I go through periods of addiction and periods of writer's block. Or is it photographer's block. When I haven't taken pictures, I don't know what to post about. I say a lot with photos rather than words. ;)

  4. I love to post pictures and have not been able to since we got here because of the slow connection. Its kinda slowly killing my motivation and drive. I love to post pictures of the things we are doing and I have some fantastic ideas of posting pics of our trip across country that I can't do until I get the ability to post the pictures.