Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dreaming of new furniture...

Since we moved and I sold all my furniture I have been making do with what I have to use that was free to me. Its an old Day bed frame and the only mattress we brought with us. It is functional if not exactly the most comfortable piece of furniture.

I have been dreaming of ways to furnish my living room and I know that it wont happen just yet but it sure is fun to dream.

Today I was killing time and decided to check out Broyhill online and created a couch that I am now in LOVE with! I have no idea how much it costs but I had fun creating it. I chose the color of the fabric, the finish of the legs and the fabric choice for the throw pillows. Talk about a blast! No matter how hard I try I simply can not add the picture at this time. I am not certain if it is a blogger issue or if it is my verizon connection. I may try to come back later and add it again. Blogger's little box is not fully loading which is why I can not be certain where the issue is.
*update* here is the couch!

I also found a pair of completely adorable retro chairs on Craigslist that I am in love with. They would look adorable set on the wall with a table between the two as a little conversation area or extra seating in the living room. They are kiwi green and the throw pillows I chose on the couch would pick up the color nicely. I will try and upload those pictures later as well.

*update* HERE is the Kiwi Chair.

until then you will just have to imagine with me of adorable new living room furniture.


  1. I hope you can upload soon! Craigslist rocks, doesn't it?! We've found (and sold) quite a few things there. So...are you going to get the kiwi chairs? I adore that color!! :)

  2. Well I would love to get the chairs, but I am just not sure if I am going to be able to or not. My husband doesn't actually start working until after the 6th. So it just depends on if the person still has the chairs when I have the money or not. :) If not then I am sure that some other awesome chairs will come into my life.