Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Well to the faithful friends who have hung out waiting for me to come post here I appreciate it!

I finally have my internet back. The camera on the other hand has sat waiting to go to the repair place because in the move I somehow misplaced the important papers for the warranty info. I am not sure yet what to do about it yet.

The past week has been spent doing so many things that I just never seemed to have the time to come over here and blog about it.

We started a free month of netflix and have been watching tons of documentaries. We love them. They are so fun to sit and watch. We learn from them, they spark interesting discussions and are entertaining. I think our favorite so far is one about the civil war.

We did a study on the weather since we have been getting a lot of different weather then we were used to in California. That was an interesting study. We discussed why a lot of weather comes up to where we are and looked at The Weather channel where they show a lot of great break downs of weather.

My son the recycler, builder, adventurer (you choose because they all fit) found some treasures on one of his many hunts. This time it was old coins. So we did some research and discovered that his treasures are worth about 40.00 right now.

This week marks the year anniversary of my beautiful Bookworm almost died. Her appendix ruptured and slowly leaked into her body for almost a week before we finally discovered that's what was going on. She did not have all the typical symptoms of an appendicitis and when we finally took her to the ER she was near death. She had 2 surgeries and was  in the ICU for 11 days and in the hospital for 13 total. It has taken most of the year for her to really recover and she still has some days where she is exhausted even when she hasn't done anything. I am forever grateful for the treatment she received. She had some of the best nurses in the ICU. Her surgeon was amazing! She is now a year into her healing and is working towards a healthy life.

The Spitfire has decided this week that she can read. Yep you read that right... She just decided she could. She walked in and asked me "mom, can I read this book to you?" I said "sure" and we sat here and she read the whole 16 page book to me on her own. I only had to help her with words like The, And, and Was. those pesky sight words can be annoying. As unschoolers we do not force the issue. I had faith that she would learn in her own time and she has done so without any struggle, anger or frustration. She can read many words without any formal instruction. The fact that we are readers in this house probably helped. The fact that we read to them almost every night and they are allowed to look at books whenever they want to for however long they want to is a big help too.

The cuddlebug, not to be outdone by his older sister has declared he will read too. Of course this has not come as easy for him but his eagerness to try is refreshing and I am certain he will excel in his own time and space. Until then I continue to encourage his learning with fun and activities he will enjoy.

I am so glad that I have learned to have faith. Faith comes in so many forms and is needed for so many reasons. I trust that what I am doing for them for school is working even when on the outside it does not always appear that way.

In my in-between time I have been writing a crochet pattern for a pair of finger-less gloves that I made, as well as a pair of toe up socks. I am trying to decide how to publish these. I am not sure I want to just post them free, and what about copy write issues... to many things to think about so I am off to do other things instead.

I think we shall all sit and play a game together today. 


  1. Oh, I didn't know about your Bookworm... we had a very similar thing with Katie when she was 8. She too, had none of the 'normal' symptoms - one morning she got up and was sick - with the weirdest 'sick' I've ever seen. well, her appendix had already burst by this stage. she was really sore down below, we took her to the doc and he prescribed antibiotics for a bladder infection. For a whole week, that 'gunk' spread through her abdomen, and - unknown to us - she was dying of peritonitis.
    Long story short - she was hospitalised - flown to Glasgow to the children's hospital where we were blessed with such a wonderful surgeon, who was a Christian! He prayed with us so often too. Oh what a blessing. She got anti-b's pumped into her, and made a full recovery.
    Oh boy, I can never forget that time... So I know something of what you went through. How good God was to us that we aren't grieving one of our precious children today :)

  2. I have never felt the fear that I felt when I took her into the Emergency room. The Bookworm had flu like symptoms. They came on suddenly but they did came and went. She was vomiting but could keep some stuff down. She had a very low fever, you know barely over 100. I finally took her to the ER after about 4 days because she finally could not even keep down Gatorade. The surgeon came to us after about 3 hours and told us that she was in recovery and that he had never in his 25+ years as a surgeon seen anyone's appendix "rot" the way hers did. It only went bad at the tip of it, and then slowly leaked into her belly for over a week. He made me feel so much better because as the mom I felt like I should have known and should have taken her to the hospital sooner. I took turns sitting with her every other day as my husband took the other days. The memory of that horrific time is harsh but the fact that she is alive and healthy now is such a blessing.

    It is nice to have someone who understands that fear. I am glad your Katie is healthy too. :)