Monday, September 19, 2011

Bloging style, life run amok.

I have discovered since my camera is not working that I find it very hard to come here and post a daily blog.

I love to post pictures of what I am talking about. I am certainly a more visual person rather then a just write words about it and describe it all. I just do not really know how to re-invent myself right now so please bear with me and stay tuned.

My camera is still sitting here because I can not find the papers for the warranty information. I know I have it but gosh who knows what happened to it when we moved.

We have been busy around here. Since Spitfire has decided she could read she has been doing it a lot. She reads to me everyday and we are having lots of fun with it. We have all been watching a ton of documentaries too. I simply love netflix for that fact. The documentaries alone make it worth the 7.99 to stream in movies to my wii. Our most recent one was a wonderful one all about the food industry called Ingredients. This film talks about eating locally and in season. It is the best way to eat if you can not grow your own food. I however am convinced that people everywhere no matter where you live CAN grow their own food, it just might take a little creativity. Using planters and green houses instead of just straight in the ground. I think if everyone grew some of their own food the savings would be phenomenal not to mention the taste difference of growing your own food. Learning to eat in season according to where you live is also a really great money saving tool. If you buy locally grown fresh produce you can cut your grocery bill a lot because the local in season food is less expensive then the stuff that is imported from other states, or countries.

We have switched to only fresh baked bread. I have dough that I keep in the refrigerator and use a portion of everyday. Feeding the rest for another day. Then I make a loaf of bread in the morning and we have fresh baked bread for lunches. This has cut our grocery budget a lot too.

I have been crocheting a ton, little things for me. I wrote up a pattern for a pair of fingerless gloves (mitts?) I also created a toe up pair of socks that I totally love. I wish that I could show them to you. I only have one sock finished but the other one is in the works.

I am working on being a better blogger even without pictures. I just am not sure how to get there, so hang in there with me.


  1. The silver lining to your camera woes, is that you are doing a great job of describing things with words!

    I completely agree with you on eating locally or homegrown food. When I started shopping at the Farmers' Market every week, I learned a new way to approach cooking, and it's great. I'm hoping to get some of those creative solutions to growing my own food in place soon.

    So here's a challenge: describe your FOs in words. I'm dying of curiosity to know what they're like.

  2. Well Thank you my friend. :)

    as for the FO's in words... well I could try. Unless you are a crocheter you might not understand some terms though and that might put people off.

    My daughter has a camera but honestly I do not like the way the pictures turn out. and my cell phone camera is just not that good. the details are lost. :(

    I do so love the power of words. Thank you for the encouragement.