Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Good Morning Monday...

err ummm I mean Tuesday!

No I didn't forget what day it was, really I didn't!

Ok So over the weekend I got to see my husband. This was a rare and wonderful treat since he is staying out of town for work and coming home on the weekends. It sure has cut down on our gas expenses though! We didn't do much for excitement other then enjoy some fun family meals together, do some grocery shopping together, and watch a few movies. All normal everyday things that we couldn't do during the week.

I also finished up the other sock to match the one I created the first time. I followed my own pattern and actually made another sock. This is a good sign as I hope to write the pattern and make it available for others to use. The socks have the same stitch on the Fingerless gloves on the top of the foot and around the ankle, but the bottom is just a tight even single crochet stitch. The whole thing is worked in the round so the top half of the round is done in the pattern and the bottom half is done with a simple stitch. I prefer ankle socks so my socks did not come up to far, however you can make them taller by simply continuing the pattern around to the desired height. These lovely little socks were done using sock weight yarn in a red colorway of dark burgundy shading out to a deep pink.

I am contemplating refinishing chairs today, They still have not been finished because first it was to hot to try painting them and now it has been raining so much that I cant possibly do it yet. I need to get them done before it really starts raining and I will have to wait until spring. I want to get them done. I have the fabric cut to refinish the seats, I have the staple gun loaded and ready,  I have the paint, the brushes, and the chairs lightly sanded. I just need a day when its not pouring rain or threatening to. :)

Later today I am getting a dresser that needs to be painted and put in my daughter The Bookworm's room. I got a steal of a deal, a real wood dresser (not that particle board crud) and they are delivering it for 20.00! It has a broken wooden handle but that is a fairly easy thing to fix, either with a new handle or a small piece of wood to replace it. That will have to be evaluated after we get it here.

I am considering board games for school today....

What lovely things did you do over the weekend?


  1. Hi Crytall
    Sounds like you are a busy girl!! I'm glad your husband was able to get home. Mt husband worked away from home for a year and it was very hard. Thanks for leaving a comment so I could come and visit you!

  2. Rhondi,
    Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Oddly enough my husband is working down in NC and we live in Va. Its a two hour drive one way to where he works and we are saving our money by having him stay down there.
    I try to stay busy but do enjoy the down time too.

  3. What a shame that your hubby has to spend the week away--I know you make the best of it but the older I get the more I know how precious time together is. I hope he won't have to do this for too long!

    My husband is home but he leaves the house at 8:45 in the morning and gets home at ten at night. I see him for just a few hours a day, but we make the most of it!

    I was admiring your glove -- trying to figure out the knitting stitch when I realized DUH!!! It's crochet. Hahaha.

    So only white plates, eh? If I had to choose one plate to use forever, it would be white!
    Imagine if all you had were purple plates. :-)
    Check out places like Goodwill if you want to add a little color -- but white is always good.

    Thanks for stopping by, my friend!

  4. Cass~
    Ahh yes those are the worst pictures ever, they are cell phone pictures since my Camera is still down with the flu. ;) But the gloves are made with a fairly simple stitch and I am trying to decide if I want to offer the pattern for free or not.

    Yes we do indeed make the best of it and plan on it being only temporary for a couple of months at most.

    I did choose the white because I can always add more decorative plates to the bunch later, and I still have kids in the house who have been known to break things from time to time.