Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Random-ness

Well we are all fighting off a summer head cold in this house. Yet that is when my youngest two suddenly decided to grab work books that have been sitting on a shelf since we moved in.

They worked from about 9pm last night until about 10pm when my groggy snot filled head just couldn't focus any longer to help them. They both completed about 30 pages or so in that hours time and just flew through the books. We have not done any formal book work in well over a year. I do keep these types of things on hand for them. But they have had neither desire or drive to bother. This morning they both had "saved" their spots in the books they were working in and both of them continued to do work this morning. Each of them working at about the same pace and just cruising through the books. At one point Spitfire turned to me and asked "how many pages do we have to do?" I just chuckled and said "O as many as you want to do" they had both already done well more then what would normally be "required" if they were sitting and doing book work all day long.

Yesterday my Bookworm and I sat here watching Youtube videos and were completely amazed by this lady doing her LONG (like she sits on it kinda long) hair up in these fancy do's We want to give a couple a try so perhaps later today I will break out the ribbon and get to braiding and sewing our hair, or plating it as it was called in the days gone by.

I have had several people ask to about my shopping bags that I crochet. While out shopping at walmart the other day two ladies asked about them and one was amazed at how much stuff I had in them! Then when I told them that I made them she said I should sell them! I asked her how much she would pay for such an item and she looked at me straight faced and said "ME?!" Well yes lady YOU who seems to think that I could sell them, how much would you pay for them? ahh she never gave me a number but seemed to think others would certainly buy them. So that left me pondering. each bag if I sit and work on it consistently and don't get distracted or goof it up each bag takes about 2.5 hours, so one good movie. Each one takes about 1.5 skiens of cotton yarn depending on the price that is about $3.50 for the materials. IF my time was only worth 5.00 an hour that would bring us in at $12.50, add in the cost for materials and that brings each bag to $16.00 a bag. Would you pay $16.00 for a crocheted bag?

I must say that I am not sure where I would even begin to sell these at. Being new to the area makes it hard to find the little spots where you might find such niches.

On to other things... do any of you use a blog editor other then the one directly on blogger? Do you create your blogs somewhere else and then just simply upload them to blogger? Or are you like me and just create a lovely little blog spur of the moment right here on blogger and send it out into the world?

I think the cold is making me rather loopy as I am rambling a bit more then usual. So I will send this blog into the bloggosphere and let it be what it will.
Enjoy your today's for that is what your memories are made of. 


  1. Market bags: Love yours! No, I wouldn't pay that much for a market bag, even if I had no way to make it myself. You can get them for less in stores, and I just can't afford hand-crafted pricing. People tell me the same thing you're hearing all the time when they see my cotton or plarn market bags. My answer is that it's so time-consuming, that selling them wouldn't be cost-effective. Besides, $5/hr. isn't even minimum wage, and you'd spend even more time and money driving to get your supplies, driving to a craft show or farmers mkt to sell the bags, or putting them up on Etsy and then shipping them out. So just make 'em for your friends when they have birthdays, and know that you are much admired for having such nice bags!

    Blog-posting: I only use Blogger's main type-in-the-box editor. When I started blogging, that's all they had, and combined with a little bit of html knowledge, it worked great for me. THEN they started this improved editor-thing. I ended up using it for a few posts, and found that I just can't control the way my posts look with it. All kinds of things happen to the format that I don't want, and it looks bad. So I'm back to type-in-the-box, and happy again.

    Good luck getting over your cold.

  2. lol I thought maybe it was just me because I wouldn't pay 16.00 for a crocheted bag. I mean I love it and I love how it works but I certainly wouldn't pay that much for it. I consider myself to be an advanced crocheter too so even with my advanced skills it takes about 2.5 hours.

    I have always just used the blogger box but now I am wondering if it wouldn't be easier to do them and then upload them. I really should stop being lazy about the uploading of pictures too. I never do anything with them, just upload them.

  3. My house if filled with summer colds too--uhg.

    Your bags are great! I probably wouldn't buy them because I would need about 10 for shopping and I am cheap, but you could try But $5/hour isn't much for your talent and time! I also like the idea of giving them as gifts. I think people would just love them!

    I only use the blogger box, but I haven't been blogging too long. I've had some frustrations with it, so there is probably a better way.