Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I left a little tease about the new wall color on my last blog So today's blog is all about my new living room color.

When we moved in the walls were patched and ready to be painted but my new landlord gave me the option of choosing paint colors myself. I did so right away, searching for a color that would both calm and brighten the room. The room is not very large and finding something to fit my needs was not an easy task.

Much like finding an inexpensive couch with straight lines and good springs so that it can be reupholstered. I am still searching for that couch but for now at least I found the color!

It took me some time to get it on the walls because I first was helping with the cabin, and then I was sick. So now that it cooled down some and I was able to get the paint on the walls I am going to share my hard work with you. :)

The walls started out looking like this:
   I am not really sure what color this is but I know that it didn't feel bright and cheery and it made the room feel smaller. Would you call it oatmeal? I think that's what it reminds me of, cooked oatmeal with nothing in it.

So I chose this lovely shade of blue:

It is called Rivers Edge blue by Behr 

I tackled painting the walls and painted two walls at a time. Since the house is not very big and I really did not have anywhere else to move furniture, movies, games, and such. I moved half the stuff to the middle of the room and painted those two walls.

Here is the same wall I showed you first up there, before paint. 

Big difference, right?

Here is the room with the furniture all back in place. Looking from the kitchen into the living room, the bookshelf is still primer grey until it is painted its lovely dark brown.
I played with the color of this until it looked about right, The lighting is very yellow in that room and kept making the color in all my photos off. 

This picture is from the front door looking into the living room. 
Yes our couch is currently a day bed and I am using tupper containers for extra storage. This is what happens when you move across country and sell off all your furniture. It takes a while to get new stuff. Those are all games under the couch, My family and I love to play games together.

Here is a picture of the wall that is goes into the kitchen. 

You can see I have a ton of stuff up on the ledge there, that is all getting cleaned off today, I just didn't have anywhere to put these things. Anyway I think the blue compliments the yellow of the dining room well and it livens up the kitchen with an accent wall of color.


  1. Love the color!! We really need to start choosing colors for our house...

  2. Choosing paint colors is one of my favorite things! :) I love choosing colors that fit into the right room and making a place feel good to be in.

  3. I love the shade of blue... absolutely love it. And yes, I'd call that 'other' colour oatmeal too :)