Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dinning room

My dinning room before had these horrid blinds. I mean they are just awful! Thankfully my friend and landlord hated them as much as I do and said to throw them away the first chance I got.
The awful blinds
As you can see I already placed them on one sliding glass door. But here is the shot of that door, along with the bookworm smiling at me.

Here is an after shot of what the room looks like now with the curtains up instead of the ugly shades.

I posted a picture of the fabric that I bought for $3.00 over the weekend, but here is a better view of it on one of the chairs. It is just folded up and sitting there but it will look a lot like that once I get them completely recovered.

You maybe can't tell but there are sheers hung at the entrance end of the sliders. I did this so that should we still want to block some of the heat of the day but have light we could easily do so. Those sheers actually block a good bit of light.

Here is a shot of the room with one side pulled more open and the sheer closed.

These are the ladder back chairs that I am going to paint white. My husband keeps trying to talk me into painting them dark brown but honestly I think they will look better white. Both in the room and with the fabric choices.

Here is a picture late in the evening with the curtains open. See my lovely yard? If you peak to the left of the picture you can also see where I intend to plant some herbs.

What do you think?


  1. You are making a lovely home for yourself. Vertical blinds drive me crazy!

    White chairs will look very nice with your pretty fabric. Have you ever tried sanding off the existing wood finish and leaving the wood in its lighter, natural color? Maybe oil it a little? My hubbie did that with an old captain's chair, and it went from looking shabby to looking great.

  2. I never thought of sanding all these chairs... there are 7 of them total! It would take a long time to sand all of them down.

    Why is it that people put up vertical blinds? they are a pain to clean, they break super easy and they do not dress a place up at all. Not to mention they do not help reduce the heat or anything.