Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fairy Stones

For Fathers day we visited Fairystone State Park I meant to get this blog posted shortly afterwards but then life happened.

So instead I will post today all about Fairy Stone and the legend behind it. I personally find the legend to be a fascinating tale. It is a legend told to the Cherokee and shared as such. I love this legend because of its origins. My husband is Cherokee and we have done extensive study on the Cherokee. There is more to learn about our heritage though because of the vast knowledge base here on the east coast.

Here are a few pictures of the State Park Lake.
Looking up from the lake
To the right of us
looking at the lake from our spot on the lawn
A few of my kiddos down there in the lake
Now we didn't hunt for fairy stones here, instead we drove down the road a little way and stopped here
This would be my spitfire. I love this girl. 
         We did lots of crawling around in the dirt and looking at rocks. 

Our resident experts are our neighbors who have lived here a long time. They were kind enough to show us what to look for. 

This adorable kid found them every time he looked down! 

Here are the ones I found, It is not so easy to take pictures of them but I gave it my best shot. 

See the cross in the center of the largest stone? That is a Fairy Stone!

Now onto the legend. I was able to google and find a great document on the web that tells the whole story, You can find it here.

                                The Cherokee Indian Legend of the Stone Crosses  

 Early one day long ago from time out of memory the people of a Cherokee town awoke and faced east to say their morning prayers to the Creator in heaven (Ca-lun-la-ti). In the distance could be heard the cry of an owl, a sign of death and bad luck. The eastern sky began turning many colors, and it looked as if a storm was about to take place. Indians from other villages joined them and there was a feeling of sadness. 

Soon, the Little People (Yun-wi T-suns-di) who lived deep in the forest appeared to the Cherokee (Dwarfs or fairies with long black hair;) they were only two feet tall and often brought messages to the people. They spoke first to the tribal elders and then to everyone who had assembled in the town  They told a story of both greatness and sadness. Many Years ago, a new star (no-t-lu-si) had appeared in the eastern sky beyond the big salt water. A special boy-child had been born to a tribe chosen by the creator He had grown into a man of wisdom and had taught his people the ways of the Creator and the straight white path of peace. He was a man of kindness and brought strong medicine (nu-wa-ti) to his people. Although he taught purity and harmony with the creator, he had many enemies who would not hear his message of peace They would not believe that his medicine made sick people well. Thus, on this day, they would torture and kill this wise man, and he would walk towards the nightland (death).  

 As the sky grew dark, the Indians sang a death song to honor this beloved man of peace whom they called the Son of the Creator. All of the animal nations of the forests soon came and stood by them, Because of their sorrow, the Cherokee began to cry. Their tears soon covered the ground. When their weeping had ended, they looked down and saw that their tears had been changed into small stone crosses. For the Indians, the cross design had always represented the cardinal points or the four directions. Now it had a new religious meaning. 

The Creator (E-do-da) had heard their prayers and songs and had given them a gift. The Cherokee kept these stone crosses and always honored them.  Many Cherokee Indians still possess these stone crosses and treasure them. It is a blessing from the Creator to find one of these sacred objects. Today, these stone crosses are found in the old Cherokee meeting Place in Virginia that is called Fairy Stone State Park.  

 The Cherokee Nation in the 18th century (1700's) claimed most of the land in what is today Southwest Virginia. The western part of Patrick County, Virginia belonged to the Cherokee at this time. In the Treaty of Hard Labor signed on October 14, 1763, The Cherokee Nation gave up their land from the top of the Blue Ridge to the Holston River.  To the eastern Indians of the United States, the Little people were the fairies or dwarfs that lived in caves and under streams in the forests. They were about two feet tall, had long black hair, and spoke Indian languages. Loving music and dancing, it was believed that they taught the Indians about medicine. 

 The Little People were usually friendly towards humans and could be helpful and kind. It is said that they often found lost children in the woods and returned them to their parents. They also helped people by working in their cornfields all night, guarding their houses, and watching over their families. The Little People loved to eat cornbread and strawberries, and the Indian, would set food out for them. They could be mischievous and if angered, they would throw rocks at you.  
 The Chiltoskey family of Cherokee North Carolina has preserved this Cherokee Legend of the stone crosses

 I want to thank the Chiltoskey family for preserving this legend and sharing it so that it may continue to be passed down from family to family as is the traditional Cherokee way. 

I hope that if you are ever given the chance to visit Fairy Stone state park you take a moment to enjoy the beauty around you, and to hunt up a legend or two to bless you. 

While looking down for Fairy Stones I felt the urge to look up and this is the beauty I found. 


  1. Gorgeous! I have a couple of those stones with little metal loops at the tops, to wear as pendants. Love them. Thanks for relating the Native American legend.

  2. Yes there are a few gift shops around the area that sell them already made up with little hooks in them to wear as pendents. I find the energy of ones that you find yourself to be more powerful, and to have more meaning. :)

  3. As soon as I saw the name of the park, I turned to the Lizard King and told him that when we start traveling, we have to go there! You probably guessed that already, with Princess' love of everything fairy. ;)

  4. When you visit be sure to let me know, I will meet you there and we will have a blast! :)