Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Never a Dull moment around here...

Man what a night last night was!

I ran to the store and then came home to eat my dinner (it was fend for yourself night). I finished eating and am just kinda settling down for the night.

Got everything done and was getting ready to go to bed around 10:45pm, my son A walks in here and says "mom can you check my eye I got something in it and I think it might be metal" (a little back story, 2 days ago he found some metal knife or something in the woods and has been using his dads dremil to clean it up and sharpen it. ) He has only been allowed to work on it if he is wearing goggles so I have no idea how he even got it in there. I doubt it could have been there all day because he would have noticed it, it got rather painful. I tried to rinse his eye first thinking that maybe it was just sitting on his eye but that didnt work. So then I took the Eurethrymicin(sp? its the same stuff they use on newborns in the hospital)  out and put the ointment on his eye. I woke my husband up and told him I had to take A to the hospital. To which he insisted he go instead, Even though he was supposed to be up and going to work by 4am. (he ended up calling in and went in 2 hours later, not my choice). A has two scrapes on his cornea and a little puncture wound. He has to put drops in his eye every 4 hours and they gave him Tylenol with codine! seriously? talk about over kill. They got the fleck of metal out of his eye. We still dont know really how it happened but Anthony told me that it didnt start bothering him until just before he came in. So my best theroy is that he had the metal on his hand or clothing and when he was changing for bed it got in his eye.

So they finish and head home from the ER around 3:30am... I am talking to My hubby on the phone as they drive home which is roughly a 15 minute drive when he suddenly screams at me "SHIT! I have to get off the phone there is a guy in the middle of the street waving a gun at me!" click. silence. *insert extreme panic here* I dont even know exactly "where" or how far from home he is. Turns out he wasnt that far from home, He drove a little way farther down the road and pulled into a church parking lot and called the cops. Identified himself and explained his background and informed dispatch that there was a man on the street with a gun. They kept him on the phone while the Cops were dispatched, then while he is on the phone 4 more individuals come out with guns and they are all dancing around in the front yard. My husband calls me (a full 15 minutes later, all while I am sure I am dieing of fright) to let me know that he is safe and they are back on their way home. They ended up sending 8 cops to deal with the individuals with guns. Then just after 4am the phone rings... its Danville PD wanting to know if my hubby is still at the church. They need him sign the papers for the report. so he heads back over to the church parking lot and doesnt get home till 4:30am.

He slept for an hour and a half then got up and went to work. he doesnt get home until 8pm tonight... I am slightly worried about him working all day and driving tonight to get home.

So I didnt go to bed until 4:30 this morning myself... its 10:30 now and I am up... This does not bode well for my headache that I can already feel behind the eyes.

Tonight shall be a quiet one...

Dinner early...

Bed Early!

I hope?

I am anticipating a quiet night.


  1. Oh my, life comes at you fast, doesn't it! Hope things settle down for a while... like forever.

  2. Boy you could say that again!

    I am ready for it to get slower. It does seem like there is just always something!

  3. Holy crap!!! Having to go to the hospital is bad enough, but people waving guns?!?! What the heck?!?! I'm glad everyone is okay. And for the record, I hate Tylenol with Codein. It gives me violent, bloody nightmares. Nasty stuff...

  4. I agree, nasty stuff indeed! He only took it once yesterday because he played video games and then ended up with a headache. He forgot it was even a problem and then the pain suddenly was stabbing sharp so he took one pill and went to bed. It was better after that.

  5. Oh my! What an awful experience. Glad all is well, and hope there's no lasting effect from the metal in the eye. Nasty :(