Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A little walk through Franklinton NC

Our new home has a lovely little town feel, probably because it is a lovely little town. The town of Franklinton has a grand total of aprox. 1800 people living in the town limits. 

The kids and I have been enjoying the towns lovely little library. Its a mile walk from our house along beautiful tree lined streets with big beautiful homes. 

On one of our recent walks I took a few pictures along the way, so I could show you what the town looks like. 
Dr J.H. Harris House
Big Victorian down the street from where we walked.
The original Railroad Depot
Then we finally arrived at the library and there is a massive church on the opposite corner. 
The Library
quaint sign
The church
This concludes our journey through the town of Franklinton today. We love our new hometown and hope that we stay here for years to come.


  1. It's lovely! I can't wait to see pictures of your new home!!

  2. I'm doing a lot of catching up with blogs. These photos are so lovely. Oh, how I'd love to visit 'the South'... these photos are just the kind of pictures I see in books and postcards... Just lovely x

  3. You are welcome to come visit anytime. I would be happy to host you for a visit and you could explore "the south" from here.