Thursday, December 1, 2011


Well I have been absent from my own blog for a little while and the reason is I have been busy sewing and creating a facebook page just for the sale of my lovely creations.

I have mostly Apron's on the page right now and have the fabric choices listed so that I can do custom orders.

You can find my facebook page Here.

Some of the adorable styles I have up on my page are my finished Cherries apron (this one is mine, I have a policy to always sew for me first. Then I can sew whatever I want for others.)

My Apron on me
My Apron on the Bookworm
Reversible Half Moon Apron

Other side of Apron

Up close of pattern 
I have several more apron's in the works and am taking special orders for the holiday season. I have fabric listed on my page so the order can be placed for custom orders.

I am still awaiting the replacement for my camera and I am using my daughters camera. The color on the camera is not very true and I have limited ability to edit the pictures well enough to get the shading right. I miss my camera and my ability to take pictures that turn out beautifully.

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