Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mini Hiatus

I have not been blogging much because I have been pushing for the last week to help get the cabin finished. It is in the last finishing touches stages. The carpets are going in today then a couple of walls will need touch up because of being brushed with the carpets. kitchen nobs need to be put on and some clean up. The painting is finally finished and the whole place looks amazing.

After tomorrow I will be able to post more regularly again. The Cabin will be finished then and I can start sewing again. I still have aprons to finish. I need to sew some curtains and o so many things. I also want to take the kids to the butterfly garden that should be a lot of fun! There are so many fun things to do and see around here and I can not wait to start exploring the world around us.

I hope my few loyal readers will hang in there with me just a bit longer as I get settled into this new life.

In some unschooling news (since I really have not reported on that much lately) My children have learned infinitely about: drywall, insulation, working together to accomplish something amazing, installing carpet & padding, how to dig a trench and how to volunteer for the house work that isnt getting done so you can stay in the AC and not be hot and dirty. Yes I consider that a life lesson. Its seeing a need, filling the need and to your own advantage. Its wise and smart and yep thats what my oldest did most of the time. In between some of these life learning adventures we have taken a couple trips to the library and even one to the movies for a few of them. We took a trip to Fairy Stone State Park and discovered Fairy Stones. That is a post I will have pictures for soon. We are also going to try and plan a camping trip, and a trip to a local Pow Wow. we are looking forward to both.

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  1. Good to "see" you! Looking forward to more post, too. Glad to hear the cabin is nearly done. And yay for unschooling. Gotta love it!