Thursday, June 9, 2011


I finally got around to joining BlogHer. I have not really figured the site out to well yet but I figured that it cant hurt to discover some more blogs to read and to get my blog out there to the world, right?

Are any of you on BlogHer?

I am sure that I will figure it all out but I have not had the time to really sit and get into it. I found one blog that is loads of fun. A young couple bought a victorian row house, and they have blogged all about all the updates they have done. Its fun to read and they have done an amazing job so far.

If any of you are on BlogHer and have some tips or pointers I would appreciate it. My name on there is CreativeCrys.

Maybe I will even figure out how to add the little widget at the side of my blog. LOL


  1. Hi there! I'm on BlogHer. :-) And that's where I found your lovely blog. :p

    I also use it mainly as a forum to discover other blogs, as well as share my blog posts and blog activities. It's a good forum for that I think. So I hope you enjoy your experience there.

    All my best,

  2. I'm not on this, but now you've made me interested, so I think I'll go and have a look!

  3. Alexandra,
    Welcome to my little corner of the world. :) Its sure nice to see new faces. I hope you poke around at some of my other blogs, feel free to comment on them as well.

    Croft~ I am glad to encourage other bloggers to join other sites. :) it looks like a fun place to discover more people.