Sunday, June 12, 2011

Crocheted kitchen scrubber

Another great recycle project born out of need.

I used Plarn to make kitchen scrubbers.

If you have never used Plarn its super simple. You can use a variety of items for plarn. One of my favorites is to just cut up plastic grocery bags. I have also used broken VCR tapes or Cassette tapes. These work well if you have something that you want to make that is larger then a small item like a kitchen scrubber.

So for this item I cut up plastic bags and then tied the ends together to make one long piece that i could crochet together. I left ends on so that I could stuff them inside of the scrubber for extra scrunch.

Making strips out of plastic bags:

Crocheting with cotton yarn and plastic held together.

Directions are simple:
Chain 3 Double crochet into first chain 3 space like this:

double crochet into that same space 10 times, Slip stitch into top of first chain.
looks like this:

Single crochet 2 times in the back loop of each double crochet around (20 stitches) Slip stitch into first SC.
like this:

Single crochet into next two single crochets, then 2 single crochets into next single, around.

3rd round is single crochets all the way around, finish off one of these rounds, you need two.
Finished off one:

The inside:

Second one not finished off:

with the wrong sides together (and all the plastic tails tucked inside) single crochet the two together like so:

Crocheting them together:

You now have a finished scrubber:

*sorry for some of the blurry pictures I had little ones sitting next to me and they can not sit still! *


  1. Go you!! I love the colors, and your use of plarn.

    I have a plarn scrubber that I use pretty much every day. It's made of just plarn crocheted into a square... works great for scrubbing coffee residue out of white cups, and it dries real fast, too.

  2. Great idea. I love it! I am not so crafty, but I have crocheted before. This may be doable for me.

  3. How clever!! I could knit one of these... Very cool! Thanks, Crystal!

  4. Grateful Mom, if you can crochet a double crochet and a single crochet you can make these! They are so quick to do and are very handy. My daughter already asked when I would make more. :)

    Shady, I don't know anything about Knit but if you find a way to knit them please let me know.

    You all may notice that each side is different, that is because I am just using up scrap pieces. :)